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Custom Fishing Rods


Custom Fishing Rods on PokeMMO




As your Mayor, I like thinking of ways for players to grow an attachment towards this game. We all fish in game at one point for shards, breeders, etc. Why not make the process more personalised? I ride a motorcycle on PokeMMO and I love my in game Harley Davidson! Here are some fishing rod ideas to get the conversation going:


1. A general colorable fishing rod:



2. A fishing rod with a rubber grip:



3. A metal fishing rod with colorable handles:



4. A fishing rod with a bobber:


As the Mayor of PokeMMO, I would love to hear your feedback on this proposal and let me know if you have any additional suggestions or qualms.


Thank you for reading, Bf

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3 minutes ago, Bestfriends said:

I love my in game Harley Davidson!

It's clearly a Triumph xDD


In terms of the suggestion. I personally like it especially the suggestion of a bobber because it would make it look more realistic. My sole concern with the idea of grips, handles and other customisations is that the fishing rod takes up a small amount of pixels and thus it would be a challenge to fit much colour and detail in. Like the motorcycle, such a function would be a luxury but still considering the fact the bike is used a lot more for the majority of players than rod, such a feature should be inexpensive. 

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