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What keeps you coming back?

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2 hours ago, Kassondra said:

Recently, I've been thinking about the positive vibes that PokeMMO gives me when I play.
Naturally, I wanted to know what everyone's favorite thing about PokeMMO is.
What keeps you coming back? Friends? Determination? Lets share experiences!

Determination.... hummm.... i want to see the pacifist route of PokeMMO xD

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Lack of MMOs built on community and social activities
Like everywhere else everyone is grinding and only be like 'out of my spot' or just don't care/go away, no person to talk to

I even tried to play Moviestar Planet because of this (21yo) but community there is like 7-14yo kids only asking for free stuff.



I also like Pokemons lmao, and hoping to win tournament somewhere in future

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