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November 2018 Tier Changes

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This month will be the first month of a new usage cycle. As such, the cutoff points for usage will be 1.7/6.7% for drops/rises.


Moving up from NU to UU:


  • Lanturn


Lanturn rose above the 6.7% cutoff for usage in UU.


Moving up from NU to BL2:


  • Absol


After a prolonged stay in NU, Absol is finally banned from NU. With a base 130 Attack, good move options in Night Slash, Psycho Cut, Superpower, Swords Dance and most importantly, Sucker Punch to clean up faster threats, Absol has always been a top offensive threat. Most importantly however, Absol is in a unique position to exploit critical hits, due to having Super Luck and useful high critical hit rate moves, notably Night Slash & Psycho Cut. Combining those attributes with Scope Lens means that Absol can hit ridiculously hard, making defensive answers to it very difficult to find. This issue is exacerbated by a powerful STAB Sucker Punch, which can adequately threaten most potential faster, offensive answers. The critical hits also have other tertiary utility, such as cutting through any potential defensive boosts, or allowing Absol to ignore an attack drop from Intimidate or using Superpower.


Ultimately, it has stayed in NU for long enough and continued to be a top tier problematic threat. Additionally, we do not think Lanturn leaving the tier will significantly impact Absols role in the tier. With that in mind, it has been banned from NU.


Scraggy banned from LC:


Although it was stated that we would keep a close eye on Misdreavus in the last tier changes, with the removal of Murkrow, Scraggy quickly rose in strength. Scraggy is notable for being able to effectively set up on a lot of the tier, and once ready, run through most of the pokemon unimpeded. While there are certainly pokemon such as Vullaby, Timburr, and certain Mienfoo that can potentially handle a boosted Scraggy, the options are still fairly limited. This is exacerbated by the potential for Scraggy to pull victories out against pokemon that "should" beat it, like the Fighters, through Zen Headbutt flinches. This means that even a cornered Scraggy user who should lose the game can still beat supposed counters through sheer luck if they have no other options.


While we are still concerned about Misdreavus, we don't think it warrants banning at this exact moment. However, with that in mind, we are banning Scraggy from LC.

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