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[PSL X] Week Five

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1 hour ago, Suneet said:

VGC (5) vs The Dank Express (2)


OU: NecroskullDark vs Kimikozen

UU: Cali vs DoubleJ

UU: Wiriketchup vs BurntZebra

NU: Excavalier vs KaynineXL

Dubs: iJulianFNT vs DoctorPBJ

LC: OrangeManiac vs Goldeneyes

DPP OU: NikhilR vs LeJovi



Transformers, Assemble!  (4) vs Strawhats (4)

OU: Pitzzin vs abstractt

OU: Stelian Nahwel vs kiwikidd yosoyarca

UU: enchanteur vs moisessss

UU: Mlhawk vs ZDFire

NU: AurumPegasus vs Takens

Dubs: Artemiseta vs Roxxass

LC: Lazaaro vs Elcoolio

DPP OU: MaatthewMLG vs Kizhaz



KIENZANGOOSE (4) vs Tactless Tangela (3)

OU: gbwead vs Zhiko

OU: Aerun vs FABROoo

UU: villadelobos vs xSparkie

UU: Sebat vs DestructX

NU: EfronX vs Butlerrr

Dubs: JIce vs RealDevilLegend

LC: Jaawax vs Suneet

DPP OU: Kamimiii vs gunthug



Red Scale (4) vs The Cackling Cacturnes (4)

OU: Schuchty vs Suigin

OU: Stairway vs MadaraSixSix

UU: Axellgor vs EpicVerde

UU: yangsam vs Lotus

NU: Risadex vs Zymogen

Dubs: Zigh vs Oltann

LC: YettoDie vs Rose

DPP OU: XPLOZ Rikoudo vs SweeTforU Tinnnnntin


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@Gunthug If you look at the chat during turn 16 and turn 18, I was well aware that Jovi had Dug + Cresselia in the back, so I had the advantage of knowing his unrevealed members and could then accordingly make my moves. The only way to beat such a rain team is by not letting your opponent sack something to TTar, because that just lets Dugtrio come in and trap it. Hence why you see the Ludi switch to Bronzong, and Kingdra to Uxie sacks when in front of TTar.


If I killed Uxie at +2, my win con relied on him not hitting Hydro, and that was just too risky at that point because I felt that there was another way out of this mess without having to rely on RNG but instead on 50/50s. Also, Jovi presumed that I was scarf TTar because when it was TTar vs Ludi, I switched out first, meaning that I was faster. But Jovi's Ludicolo was Modest, which tends to be slower than Jolly TTar, and that mistake worked in my favor too. Lastly you're about Jovi making the correct move, because if I was in his place, I'd make the same switch every single time. 

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