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I wanna make a game like This, but how?

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Hello PokeMMO Community. 


I have high interest in making a Pokemon MMO Like this,  but how?  What was this exactly made in to make it online?  I know you can make pokemon games with RPG MAKER XP But,  those aren't online?  How did they do it?  An reply would high help me out!  


I heard some say they used JAVA And WEBGL? 




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It's not as simple as you think. This MMO took 6+ years to get where it is now and as I recall one of the head developers I think it was Shu has over 25 years coding experience. They made this from scratch basically. At one point there was only the kanto region and you couldn't even go to the sevii islands. 

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22 minutes ago, Aurian12 said:

I see,  but what was it made on?  I really wanna give it a try,  and i'm not bad at lua and CC+

The game is coded in Java.

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On 10/21/2018 at 6:14 AM, Goku said:

Shu has over 25 years coding experience

shu is a 2000 yr old vampire/elf loli confirmed

I see now why this game moves at turtle speed


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On 10/21/2018 at 7:07 AM, YoshidoriForum said:

or you can help coding this one instead

you cant code a program as if it were a book, you need a lot of experience in a lot of IT fields like Networking, Databases, Java EE or other programming languages, OpenGL, OpenAL etc.

PokeMMO is coded in lwjgl (Light Weight Java Graphic Library) and other tools. if you want to know how works you can scratch in that content.

To be honest, no one gonna help you if you dont have a main structure for a project and if you dont know how works this world of game making... this is not a simple RPG Maker game made, if you want to made a game with a good quality like PokeMMO you need to start at the beggining , learning the basics.

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