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New player here, best region to start in?

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When I started, I went in order of how I played the games growing up as a kid. Nostalgia made it more fun for me, so i would suggest doing the same if you think it would be fun for you.

Once you start a new region, your pokemon will be sent to the bank. Their levels stay the same, but you will only be able to withdraw them from the bank if the gym badge you have in the current region allows you to.

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1. Unova is the easiest region to start, depending on the Starte you chose.
2. If you can travel with the same character to other regions


You must obtain 4 badges and go to the port city of your region.
Castelia City - Unova
Vermillion City - Kanto
Slateport City - Hoenn
3. when changing the region for the first time, your game will be reset from 0 and your pokemon will be found on the PC

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10 hours ago, Ilike2drawstickmen said:

Just started playing, In Unova right now and that seems to be the most popular, but in-terms of starting which region is the best?

I'd recommend you to do Unova first then Hoenn and Kanto at last. Doing Unova first gives you access to a lot of good EV grinding, Leveling and Payday pickup spots. It also gives a comparatively early access to daycare which you can use to breed better Pokemon. Kanto gives access to the daycare only after beating the elite 4 and Hoenn lacks good grinding spots. Also you will be able to to reuse your elite 4 team in other regions because of the level caps (Unova has the lowest, then Hoenn, then Kanto)

10 hours ago, Ilike2drawstickmen said:

Another question is can you travel with the same team and character to different regions? and if so are levels reset due to this?

When you change your region for the first time, the Pokemon are sent PC. Your level cap will be adjusted to the number of badges in the new region.

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