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Android: Chat improvements


As someone who plays alot on Mobile I got a few suggestions to make the game more easy to play.


Suggestion 1: Implement Copy-Paste, there are many benefits to this, including being able to translate chinese sentences and reply in chinese, pasting your tradechat post so you dont have to retype and many more.


Suggestion 2: Was already stated in 1, but it would be nice to have a way of reposting messages easier on mobile, in form of copy paste, or maybe a dedicated button in the chatbar.


Suggestion 3: Make the chat window accessible while trading. It happens really often that i am in the middle of a trade, and then the buyer/seller or anyone messages me via whisper. Unfortunately when this happens, the tradewindow blocks the entire screen and i need to cancel the trade to check the message i just received.


Good job on the android version dev's , I hope you can improve it with some of the things I mentioned to make it even more enjoyable.

(Also if you could, fix the pc search so pokemon who meet the search criteria lighten up, that would be great)



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I upvote for the advance pc search since i only play on mobile

And also i agree with the overall suggestion :)

hope this can be realised

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