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Highest Level Horde in Kanto

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I want to level up my pokemons by battling hordes.  I saw in guides that e4 battling is faster but it is kinda tiresome for me. Does anyone know the horde with the highest experience in Kanto Region? 




Im leveling at Cerulean Cave Golduck Horde at the moment since Raichu's Discharge kills all in one turn. IT gives out around 6k exp per battle. Are there any hordes that give higher exp?

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I've been leveling up in the grass south isleand 7, nice 4k XP and 2 hordes appear, persian and fearrow, so earthquake deals with 1st one, surf or heat wave can punch out fearrows.

The mewtwo cave is also awesome, but the trip to pokemon center and back again can slow you down.

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You can try Pilloswine hordes in Giant Chasm. The give more than 6k too (around 6.2k), but they are kinda hard to kill. 100% encounter rate.

It is after the cave, in the first grass on the left (don't remember if it is normal or dark grass)

You'll need 1 repel for each time you go, to pass the cave

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