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[GUI] The Promise of Eminent Revival

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On 10/25/2018 at 11:28 PM, awkways said:

-When you change the client language to Chinese, an error message appears. Along with this, when you close the client in CN and attempt to re-open it, the client fails to open. When this happens, the only way to re-open the game is to manually delete the theme from the client and open it without the theme or go into the main config file and manually change the language back to English/another language then open the client. 

@MHkaserz you still play this game? If so, wondering if you could help me out. I'm seeing a similar issue as ^ since the last update. When I use the theme and change client to CN, it pops up an error saying that the client can't use the theme because it's outdated. I don't get this issue when I play using EN client, and it runs generally the same as pre-update. I tried replacing the fonts folder in "Res", along with the "Fonts" XML doc hoping it would correct the issue, but no luck. I suspect the issue is font-related since when you change the client to CN the font becomes slightly bigger, but I really don't have experience in this. I really enjoy this theme and would appreciate if you could take a look, it's making the theme un-usable for me at the moment. Also, some of the newer particles just show up as the shiny star in the summary window. If I can remember I'll post some screenshots later on.

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I play it more or less.

As for the Chinese thing I will figure it out today no worries.

"Particles" issue is probably them updating icons and since each theme has separate icons for particles, mine doesn’t have the updated ones yet


Will make sure it is working today and mention you with a link afterwards ^^ 

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I'm somewhat dead, so it'll take sometime for me to bring myself to look at this and fix it.. but I'll try to make it happen friend :D 

On 7/29/2019 at 5:59 PM, awkways said:

Pretty please & Thanks in advance


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is there any way to fix the tchat bubble box or change it to the normal cause , this one , the letters is very small , thank you .image.png.8318e39138621b27b4a58448158af0ba.png:) ( i just need to know what file to modify ^^")

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