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Best nature for comp Salamence? Jolly or Adamant?

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I'm trying to figure out what nature to breed my Salamence with.


I've asked in global chat twice now, once receiving the answer Jolly and once saying that Adamant was better if I already had speedsters in my party.


My party really only consists of a  6*31 Jolteon, so i'd say that's pretty speedy.


Any advice would be appreciated, cheers!

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Depends on the set. Most common nature for dd mix mence is naive, you could go with jolly but flamethrower/fire blast loses some power with it. Now with draco available you could run a 3 special attacks + roost, with a timid nature.

I'd pick a +spe nature over +atk/+spatk on fast mons such as mence, some people like more power but experience tells me there's gonna be more situations you'll need the speed than the extra power.

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1 hour ago, BDH said:

My party really only consists of a  6*31 Jolteon, so i'd say that's pretty 

Double kick jolteon ?

If u want DDmence full phy , play adamant , with fire fang EQ and Dclaw

Jolly would be good when HA can be avaible 

Also mixed naïve or timid are good too

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I use Salamence Mixed Sweeper


6*31 IV

Nature: Naive

Mov. Set:  Hone Claws, Dragon Rush, Hydro Pump, Fire Blast.

I recommend using Adamant salamence if you are going to use the dragon dance movement, and considering that you already have jolteon.

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