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Unjust character namechange forced upon me AGAIN?!

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SERIOUSLY? AGAIN!? What the hell can POSSIBLY be wrong with this name!? It's LITERALLY my NAME with a couple extra n's, and I only have this name because I was FORCED to namechange already. I've played this game for WEEKS with the name now and bred COUNTLESS pokemon and now they won't even have my OT name are you KIDDING ME!? This is fucking ridiculous the name Tristan is in violation with the code of conduct my fucking ass there's a mod that's been forcing namechanges on me because they are some degenerate I am doing NOTHING WRONG. STOP THE MOD THAT IS DOING THIS! 


Edit 1: When I say weeks I mean 380 hours of gameplay time already. 

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You are missing "gibberish" reason here, focusing on inappropriate reason. If the name takes an effort to spell correctly, it is considered gibberish, as it might bring confusion to players. 

As LightningVolt said, you can always contact me, Rache or Kizhaz when you have questions about rule enforcing. Public threads are not the best option.
Have a nice day! 

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