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KizunaAI or Angel

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Because of the update, I got my self a team name AIChannel and tag is AI which is great, but then i logout and try to creat a new character with awsome name and the first one i type is Angel and I made a character call Angel !!!  Which character should i use? Kizuna with AI tag or a character name Angel which i can give it a wing and halo. Plz help me guys!


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5 hours ago, Lightningvolt said:

I would have chosen Angel over KlzunaAi(that L makes it look wierd).

Also, picking one of them and using it as your main character is better than cycling through both of them because if you choose to so, your progress and gameplay will look unfinished.

Like what Jerry said, one can be your main and other/s can be your alts.

i counter your point with 


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