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NBA Season 2018-2019 + NBA Fantasy League

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This thread is mainly for posting anything related to the upcoming NBA season (news, highlights, hot takes, etc). It is also a thread to gauge interest in a NBA fantasy league; we tried it last season and it was pretty successful so I figured we could try it again.


I'll shoot for at least 8 signups if interest is enough:
















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Forgot to mention, prize pot is 2.5m if we hit 8, could get higher if we get more signups.


You won't need to send any money, I'll pay the prize out of pocket.

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@DaftCoolio @DoubleJ @JIceJDragon @Toast @Mnemosyne @xStarr @Torinnnnn

Assuming that 8 is the max we're going to get, what time would you be able to draft? I'd like the draft to be somewhere in Oct 11-14th range so we don't have to wait too long for the season to start. Ik we have some conflicting timezones here, so I'd like to gather input (My preferred time would be 13 or 14th around 6 or 7pm EST).


Also, would you guys prefer a Roto or Head to Head league?

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I like the same format as last year. A time that would fit for me living in Europe would be nice so please avoid that I have to do this at like 3 am or something.

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