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Pokeball changer


It would be nice if we can change our pokeball

you know lot of use probably misclicked the undisired ball when breed it

or we catch a wild poke that have nice ivs that we don't want to breed as a accomplishment

or you got shiny from breeding

or any thing similiar to that case

so i just want to suggest we can have a ball changer

like the name changer/rater on the lavender for the example





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On 10/1/2018 at 12:50 AM, ThePrettyPetard said:

since i allready made a suggestion like that in the past and got a few interesting reply, i feel like i might has well throw it here. here was kyu's respond to it.

but since it's been a while he might need a reminder or a little motivation from rache

let's see what happen next,then..


@Kyu are you remember this ? if yes, are you guys already planning it, making or put the idea up?

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