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Rip my OT shiny

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17 minutes ago, barfeelaadmi said:

I had one ot, which i got from blind friggin luck while breeding, finally found a decent breeder to breed it and whoosh, lost my OT. What is this sadistic mechanic :(



Its because the original breed hasnt your OT. Thats why the karp whit your OT has the asterisk on your name.


5 minutes ago, GodofKawaii said:

maybe if you caught the easy magikarps and lucky hatched instead of buying them and lucky hatch  you wouldnt be having this problem. the system wants to show who the players that work and the players who just buy there way out

I dont understand your reply, he got a OT magikarp whit lucky breed, dont buy it. He only buy a breeder for that karp..


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1 minute ago, GodofKawaii said:

nope i actually have 2 bank like accounts with caught breeders while i shiny hunt

Good for you, but isnt the only option. The server is full of people buying breeds, and get a shiny for lucky breed with own breeds has same value that one with buying breeds, because the YOU get the shiny. In this case its sad only why the owner dont know he was loosing the OT

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