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Things you hate, what really ruffles your feathers?

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What do you hate?

(Please keep all conversations in this thread civil and not spiteful to any members of our community, might I remind you that harassment is against tos. Thanks.)


Hello my name is Scarlett.


A while back (like 3 or so years) I clearly recall a thread detailing things we hate about, well anything.

So I decided in my wisdom to make a thread about it.


I for one hate when you are in line for about an hour or two at a post office or burger joint and it's just about closing time. You are at the end of the line and when they get to you they just shoo you off saying they're closed. I mean yea I can just eat at another burger joint but that's the good one.


Please tell me what ruffles your feathers?

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I hate when you're having a smoke sesh with the homies and not everyone matches. If you're not matching you're not hitting, unless you're a cute af female.

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i hate the way mods delete posts without any notice. mods deleting posts in general tbh.
i tell you what, if that ever happens again i'm gonna pm each one of you until i get a name and i'm not even kidding.

reddit is another thing i've grown to hate. if you post on reddit you need to unplug your keyboard for a good 5 hours every now and then or else we're not gonna be friends.

also here's the epitome of what is gonna make me punch stuff while screaming in agony on a monthly basis




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