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Hello everyone I'm Xyruu and I'm an alc... wait, wrong place innit? 

Anyway I'm new to PokeMMO. Tbh I stumbled upon the Pokemon marathon on twitch and it just rekindled my love for the franchise, I remembered how much I was obsessed with it. I had everything pokemon. TCGs, plushies, gameboys, even those magnetic fishing toys? Wasn't in the pokemon game for a while though, except checking out GO when it came out. I was one of those "New gen sux OG pokemon best pokemon!!1!" people but I'm finding the beauty in newer gens now too. :D  (Deerling/Sawsbuck is probably my favourite in new gen)
The timing of rediscovering pokemon and generally looking for a new game to devote to is what brought me here. So hi!

Game-wise my goals for now are finishing the storyline since I read that it opens up a lot of options for you once you do so. Then I'll be looking to be semi-competitive, although I'm more interested in breeding. Also obtaining Eeveelutions; I'm that crazy old eevee-lady.
But, the whole point of MMOs is sharing the adventure with friends, which I lack right now ;-; So if you're cool and wanna be friends, feel free to add- my ign is the same. ^^

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