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[PSL X] Player Registration

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tiers: dubs obvously the best tier. Can NU or ou if needed. Can play any showdown tier, which I would prefer over NU or ou.

preference order





time zone east coast USA 

fluff: category 4 maybe 5 hurricane gonna hit in the next day or two so if I go missing for a week it’s cause power struggle

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Image result for the purple couch is here



IGN: DoubleJ

Timezone: PDT 

Preferred Tiers: OU / UU / NU / Doubles / DPP

MPM: Pachima, Maekaaay, Kriliin

LPM: LifeStyle, Forfiter

Fluff: If you're a manager and don't know what I'm about, don't fucking pick me. 

Add'l: Only signed up today because my busy ass would have probably forgot before the new deadline. 


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IGN: Risadex

Timezone: BRT

Fluff: PSL XVIII by Boosted Monkeys (reached playoffs, even not playing  crutial matches). New meta now, we can always expect new surprises ;)

Preferred Tiers: UU/NU

Most Preferred Manager: Forfiter, Kriliin, MaeKaaay (MEUS CAMARADAS TUGAS my portuguese m8s @LifeStyle @pachima)

Least Preferred Manager: Who are the remaining ones (?)

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IGN: TheChampionMike

Timezone: GMT +1

Tiers: Honestly don't pick me up, but I can play MMO OU, UU and DPP. Might need to lend some comps

Most prefered manager: Forf: 1

Least prefered manager: idek who else is manager xd

Fluff: My monthly forum post

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On 9/4/2018 at 6:36 PM, DoctorPBC said:

edit: won’t pay 1m to play, fuck the hosts I’m out

Shoutout to Maekaay for helping me afford to play in this scamPSL


IGN: Doctorpbj

Timezone: EST -2

Fluff: Maekaay gets first dibs other managers pls let him have me for no more than 6k

Preferred tiers: Not doubles

Most preferred manager: Maekaay

Least preferred manager: everyone else but especially @Krillin because who wants a second rate DBZ character as a manager

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IGN: BurntZebra

Timezone: EST

Fluff: Most active TC member, better than all of RISE combined, better than all of PSL 5 ninjas, coolest PSL host in the past 6 seasons

Preferred Tiers: USUM LC / USUM OU / GSC OU / RBY OU / ADV OU 

Most Preferred Manager: Haazuu / Predakiller



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