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[Art] Let us draw Magikarps!

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The aim of this post is to fish up as many magikarps as possible.

So please even if you're bad at drawing, give drawing your best karp a go!


Here is mine to get you motivated.




Do your best my loyal Karp subjects.


Karp Counter: 6 60066.gif60066.gif60066.gif60066.gif60066.gif60066.gif

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7 hours ago, SodaNaranja said:

I feel like this thread is needed, thank you.

Thank you, I believe we are all like Magikarps. One day we'll become great enough to be Gyarados as well.


Matthew that is a beautiful Karp keep up the great work.

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Good job peasa- people.

Those are some fine Karps we're fishing up soon we'll have an army of magikarp!

Queen Karp

P.s Ecto please take better care of your magikarp, I do like your humor though.

2 hours ago, Ectopuss said:

 The horrid scribblings of a madmanJPEG_20180822_162700.jpg


Very striking overrall good work I like the linework.

3 hours ago, Yama7o said:



There I finally did it, been a while since I've drawn/sketched anything though so excuse the rustiness.



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On 8/24/2018 at 6:07 AM, Foersterr said:



Good job on the Magikarp Foersterr. The dab though...

Keep up the good work rallying my ar- I mean sketching some great karps!


Queen of Karps

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