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Legendary Pokemon Guide

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Heya! Have you ever wondered how can you find a legendary Pokemon? If so, you're at the right place to find it out!


Currently obtainable:

  •  150.gif       Mewtwo - Cerulean Cave (Kanto)
  • 384.gif  Rayquaza - Sky Pillar (Hoenn)
  • 644.gif   Zekrom - N's Castle (Unova) *


Some things you will need to know:

  • There's only one of each legendary Pokemon.
  • They are level 100. **
  • They have trained EVs.
  • Their IVs are:
    • 31 0 31 31 31 31 for Mewtwo
    • 31 31 31 31 31 31 for Rayquaza
    • 26 26 26 26 26 26 for Zekrom


Best way to catch them:

  • Make sure you are using repels and have a level 70+ Pokémon first in your party. You'll only encounter it using this method, it'll take some time though.
  • DO NOT use Masterball as you can't keep it forever.
  • Bring strong tank Pokemon so the legendary one can't kill your whole team.


Once you capture one of them:

  • If your party is full, instead of going on the PC, it'll replace the last Pokémon in your party.
  • Everyone in your region will get a System Message to let them know that you caught it. They will know your in-game position and the channel you're in (Not for Zekrom).
  • You can't fly, change your channel, use escape rope, etc. (Not for Zekrom).
  • If you log out or put the Pokémon in your PC, you'll lose it and it will go back to the wild (Not for Zekrom).
  • You'll be forced to accept any battle request (Not for Zekrom).
  • If somebody defeats you, they will claim the ownership of the legendary Pokémon (Not for Zekrom).


You only get Zekrom to defeat N and Ghetsis. After that, it'll stay in your Unova room.

** Zekrom is level 52.


That's all! Leave a like and let me know if anything must be changed!

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1 hour ago, BrokenBulb78 said:

Everyone will get a notification that you have captured the Pokémon. They will know where are you at and the channel you're in.

It will only notify people who are in the same region with the player who captured the legendary.

You won't get announcement for Rayquaza in Kanto or Unova or Mewtwo in Hoenn or Unova.

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u forgot to mention the best way to catch them , it's using repel trick:


Lv 70 + pokemon + repel.


also pics showing the specific area where we can find them, sounds good.



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