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Currently bugged moves

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Due to the whimsical nature of coding, certain moves. items and or abilities that used to work properly may not work as intended anymore. This thread will list which of these are currently not working correctly and why in order to inform people so they don't rely too much on these strategies until fixed or to play accordingly to the .

Make sure to post any other cases you may find and also please fill a Bug Report in case the issue is obscure enough and unmentioned.

Keep in mind some things follow mechanics from other generations, do not report stuff like Outrage having 90 BP instead of 120  BP or Electric types being immune to paralysis before gen 6, these are working as intended.


Currently known issues:


-Pursuit doesn't hit a U-Turn/Volt Switch user who uses these moves before the Pursuit user.

-Tricking a choice item into a Pokemon still lets them change their move right after (IE: I trick my scarf to a Bisharp using Iron Head that turn, next turn it won't be locked into Iron Head)

-Encore stalling the PP of a move allows the encored mon to change moves instead of struggling

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Future Sight is still broken. It deals damage based on the Pokemon it's set up on, but now also doesn't work on Dark type switch ins as well as setting up on Dark types


Set up on umbreon > hits Magikarp = 0 dmg

Set up on Magikarp > hits Umbreon = Failed

Set up on Magikarp > hits Blissey = Practically an OHKO

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1 hour ago, Banter said:

To expand on Sheer Force bug: Darmanitan has a field day against Sturdy users but also breaks Focus Sash users (doesnt work, just like Sturdy). He is currently a popular lead from what I'm seeing online since many Sash lead sets are being tried, and is causing some unfair advantages just on leads alone when players aren't aware of Sheer Force bug.

Can confirm. Just tested it myself. Sheer force bugged af. It doesn't seem to be ignoring other abilities though (such as flash fire or thick fat).

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