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Make friends useful



Seriously though,what's the point of having someone in our friendlist when there's no utility in it ? I think it will be pretty cool in a game like PokeMMO when the main part is to interact with people,we should be able to benefit from it,for example : 

-100 friends : 10.000$

-first friend   : one random pokemon as a gift (to help newbies)

etc etc..

Pros :

- Friends are for once useful

- we will have a reason to add people

-Adds content to the game


Cons :

-the friendlist limit (can be changed i think,if it can that will add more challenges so that's an advantage)

-people will add randoms in order to complete challenges. **


**if i may suggest,it only takes a few clicks to add friends so why not set up a battle between "X"(the player who has sent a friend request) and "Y".If "X" wins the battle he can add his opponent but keep in mind that "Y" can either accept or reject the duel.**

Off topic whenever we have a battle in tournaments or somewhere else,it will be cool if we had a window that asks if we would like to add the opponent in our friendlist. (if he's not already there)

Well i guess that's it,feel free to post your thought about it,thx for reading.

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You are offering treatment to symptoms instead of causes.

That suggestion will end up causing maaany maaaaaaany random friend requests especially to those trying to chat in global or channel chat. I don't want to end up blocking a lot of random people just because they are desperately trying to get easy pokemon/money. 


The real issue here is PokeMMO stands for Pokemon Massively Monoplayer Online,
Co-op functions are a very important part of MMO games. Not every friend groups are eager to be rivals, they want to join forces against a common goal. This game makes those types of players quit on a daily basis. The only co-op aspect of the game, which you can participate with a friend, is Battle Tower. And being the only option, it gets repetitive quite fast.


I have to add this... since when this issue starts being discussed a random SGM, GM or CM jump in the conversation saying "B-but there are contests too!"... When exactly did you participate in a contest with your friends last time?.... yeah, exactly.

Designing a gameplay feature with 4 people or more in co-op scenarios sound quite difficult because mechanics of pokemon battles but it is still doable if the players are not joining the same battle.


An unoptimized example of doable 4+ people co-op: clear 100 Crobats in the cave in 10 minutes, 500BP reward and a chance to get a hidden ability mon reward from Flying egg group

Something I respect and understand about dev's point of view, they are trying to keep this as close to original as possible, and they have limited assets as they are only allowed to operate with what the ROMs have due legal reasons. So my suggestion on that would be, using tilesets/objects/environment/sprites of ROMs, design either special areas or procedurally generated areas and make the new area accessible via a menu. Just like Matchmaking warping us to PvP area for a brief moment. It would warp the linked player's group to a co-op mission area, warp back on completion.


I'll try to not slide out of topic here but, there is a large number of experienced players who are disappointed with current PvP balance in OU tier. Co-op oriented players are already disappointed for a long time. If this keeps up, Unova update will be PokeMMO's step onto the common pitfall. A pitfall which every MMO falls in and have a very hard time climbing back after their big expansions/updates start to go live;

Getting obsessed with adding content and forget about broken or missing parts of core gameplay in the process.
That, in the long run, will convert all active community into, people playing until the end of Elite4, and a handful of shiny hunters who would also quit eventually when they notice there is no community left to share their achievements with... or when they get a life/job(no offense, trying to be honest and helpful here)


I tried to tackle all issues here regarding "friends serving no purpose" with a logical approach, instead of defending the current state as if nothing is wrong with the game, I wish devs stepped up and recognized "lack of things to do together" as a high priority issue that needs urgent attention.

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