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Changelog: 13/08/2018

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We are aware of some issues with automatic deleveling not occurring for people with the new caps, and are looking to fix it for the next patch. Thanks for your patience


Edit: As-of the latest patch, deleveling should now occur for party members on login. Deleveling does not occur for PC/GTL monsters.


If your party did not delevel correctly, please notify a GM using the in-game Support Request menu.

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Changelog 20/08/2018



  • Tournaments now have a 60-minute time limit placed on early round matches.
    • Finals, Semi-Finals, and Quarter-Finals matches do not have time restrictions.
  • When determining winners in PvP time limit tiebreakers (RMM/Tournaments), the team which dealt the most damage will now be declared the winner



  • Added Draco Meteor move tutor (Opelucid City)
    • Note: Draco Meteor has been removed from the Hydreigon evolution tree's learnset due to balancing concerns. It may be implemented at a later date.
  • In Double Battles, Rage Powder may now be ignored by Grass-types or those with the ability Overcoat
  • Freeze Clause has been removed
    • Note: This option was never enabled by default in any PvP game modes. It has been removed to prevent confusion and erroneous tournament match creation
  • Mental Herb may now cure Infatuation, Taunt, Encore, Torment, and Disable conditions for the holder.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed several client crashes
  • Fixed an installation issue on Android for updating clients
  • Added Rocky Helmet to BP shops
  • Fixed Sap Sipper stat change type (previously, Speed, now, Attack)
  • Fixed Leech Seed bypassing Sap Sipper immunity
  • Fixed an issue where, if Defiant activated off of a non-skill stat stage change, e.g. Intimidate, an error message could be shown
  • Fixed wild encounter music track in FR
  • Fixed Sheer Force bypassing Sturdy/Focus Sash
  • Fixed missing string for Snow Cloak out of battle effect
  • Fixed Defog messages
  • Fixed Acrobatics+Flying Gem base power modification
  • Fixed an issue where, if a semi-invulnerable skill failed to be cast due to Protect/etc., the attacker's sprite would not always re-render
  • Fixed an issue where parties may not always update immediately when using the PC
  • Fixed an issue where channel change cooldowns may show erroneously high times in some cases
  • Fixed an issue where claiming certain species from tournament prizes could result in an error
  • Redundant stat stage animations for multi-stage changing skills (e.g. Superpower, Quiver Dance, etc.) are now skipped
  • Fixed an issue where Speed Boost ability owners would boost Speed during the turn it was swapped in, while not replacing a fainted party member
  • Fixed adjacency selection for Intimidate, Trace, and Flame Burst when encountering Hordes
  • Fixed an issue where, if an attacker became infatuated through contact with a target with Cute Charm, and the attacker had Destiny Knot, the wrong infatuation message may be shown for the now-infatuated Cute Charm owner
  • Berry Crushing no longer requires a Powder Jar item
  • Overleveled EXP warnings no longer display if the stored EXP exceeds 2 levels above the capped level
  • Fixed After You failing in some situations
  • Probably fixed some issues where game notifications would not always dismiss automatically
  • Fixed a display issue with ranked matchmaking queue notifications
  • The Frenzy Plant/Blast Burn/Hydro Cannon move tutor in Kanto will now accept Gen4+ starters
  • Fixed Hyper/Super Vitamin names in Spanish
  • Fixed an issue where AI may become suicidal when handling opponents with recoil damage items (Rocky Helmet)


Known Issues

  • Ally Switch has been temporarily disabled in co-op battles due to issues with multi-battles. It will be re-enabled at a later date.
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