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How do i evolve lombre and staryu?

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Atm im not actually interested in evolving lombre anymore but i tried giving him a water stone and nothing happened. Same thing now that im Playing with staryu, so I Wonder if besides the ítem theres another criteria that has to be met like, a place (like magneton evolving to magnezone in New mauville for example) Day / night time of Day or, happines, or anything else. Thanks 

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36 minutes ago, Lightningvolt said:

Put it in PC, relog and try again.

Im pretty sure i tried that already when I wanted to evolve lombre, and it didnt worked, not sure if i tried to lvl UP again after taking lombre out of the box, but im sure i placed lombre in the box and then took him out. I even tried with a water stone bought from the gtl instead of the one i already had. But i think ill give it a try with staryu, ill place it in the box,ill log out and then after login in ill place it on my team and then ill lvl him up, thanks 

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2 minutes ago, Insensitivity said:

Did you press "give" or press "use"? just making sure you clicked "use"...

Give... Let me try this approach, i though the pokemon had to be holding the ítem while reaching a New lvl. Ill just try it 


Edit, thanks it worked like a charm, now i got a starmie =) 

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