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pc宠物问题 Question about Pokemon in PC


希望在pc能直接取出道具 每次都要拿到外面才能去太麻烦了 而且甜甜香气这技能刷努力太麻烦  买了四只香气宠使用时四只宠的pp都会消耗 能否取消 减少回去中心回复的时间最后希望能一键放生 抓了宠收集图鉴时 堆积在仓库一只只放生很麻烦 


I hope that items can be taken out from PC other than taking Pokemon out first.

It's so inconvenient to use Sweet Scent for EV training. I have 4 Pokemon with this move while all PPs are reduced at the same time. Can it be fixed to save time from PC to the wild?

And the last advice is that can I release all Pokemon for only once? I captured many Pokemon in order to complete the Pokedex but it's annoying to release them one by one.

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针对你最后一个问题:Shift 键按住然后左键单击即可多选。更多操作可以看精灵箱子右上角的 ? 符号提示。

For your last question/suggestion: Shift + Left Click for multiselect. You can check the ? icon at the top right of the PC Deposit Box.


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