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A Beginner's Guide To PokeMMO

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New to the game or coming back after a long time? This guide can help you understand the game better.


Getting Started


If you're a new player, the first thing you'll see when you see after logging in after account creation are 3 character slots.In them you can choose you Name,Rival's Name,Your Appearance and Your Starting Region.You have 3 character slots per account but you can make more accounts using the same email for more characters.Don't worry if you chose something wrong while creating your character, Items obtainable in-game like [Name-Change-Ticket] and [Makeover-Ticket] can help you correct them.

You can switch your region from Vermilion in Kanto, Slateport in Hoenn and Unity pier in Castelia city in Unova after obtaining 4 badges in your first region.


Once you start the game you'll find that most of the initial game play runs same as in the vanilla Pokemon games.Most of the events and encounters are kept the same but there are many differences between the two that you'll find out as you progress.

From here most of the events will play out same as in Vanilla games.

Once you obtain your starter you'll find out that its Dex entry(described below) has been unlocked.

In it you'll observe that the move pools are somewhat different, this is because PokeMMO follows Gen 7 learnset with Gen 5 move pool, along with it most other mechanics are based on gen 7 too.
You'll also find that Pokemon's many other hidden mechanics like IVs, EVs , Happiness etc are also visible in the summary screen.Drag the cursor on them to check their details/summary.
Now as you start your quest you'll find that most Pokemon have the same encounter locations in PokeMMO as in vanilla games. Some Pokemon that were not available in wild are now obtainable in wild in PokeMMO.
Some moves and abilities are not implemented yet which you can check here.


Navigating through the UI


You'll also notice many options in the UI

  • In the top left you'll notice indicators showing the area you are currently in, your money and time with an indicator for day/night.
  • Party menu is in middle left by default but you can drag it to change its on-screen location


  • Bottom right you'll find 9 icons,they are
    • Bag-for opening and closing your storage, can also be done by pressing B
    • Trainer card - Shows your join date, badges obtained in that region,Pokedex entries, money and time played. Press C to open it.
    • Community Tab-it has 5 options-nearby players, friends list, team menu, select follower and change channel
    • Nearby Players- shows players on the same map
    • Friends List-opens the friends list option where you can check you friends/block list or add people to them. Press V to open.
    • Team Menu-opens the team menu, if you haven't joined a team, it'll open the team creation menu, requires $15000. Press G to open.
    • Select Follower-If you have HG/SS rom installed, you can select Pokemon from Kanto to sinnoh as your follower. Drag them from your party to main screen to select.
    • Change Channel- There are 5 different channels in PokeMMO, Each channel has its own chat and you can only see players on the map who are in the same channel. this menu is used to switch between them.
    • PvP Tab (master ball icon)-You can use it to enter matchmaking queue with Matchmaking Signup and tournaments with tournament signup option, you can also check the list and brackets of upcoming and past tournaments here.
    • PokeDex Tab- PokeDex here not only tells the location and summary of the Pokemon but also the List of its movepool, evolution related data,and base stats .Partial summary unlocks after seeing the Pokemon and full summary unlocks after capturing them. Press N to open.
    • GTL Tab- It opens global trade link, (shortcut- P), After you obtain 4 badges in your first region , you can use this service to sell and buy Pokemon and In-game Items. Press P to open
    • Mail Tab- It opens mail but for full access to all its features, you need to use it from Pokemon Storage.You can send and receive Mails in which you can attach Pokemon and Items too.Mailing Fee is $100 w/o any items or Pokemon and $1000 with items and Pokemon attached.
    • Gift shop Tab- Gift shop has various Items and vanities that can only be obtained with reward and are exclusive to gift shop.You can obtain Reward points from Official Events or by Donating with 'get more reward points' option. Most of the items here (except Amnesia Brace) are tradable so you can sell it to other players or buy it from them.
  • Menu-
    • Party- Highlights party
    • Pokenav-  Opens map and match call option in Hoenn, match call lets you check which NPCs are available for rebattles in Hoenn.
    • Settings- opens game settings
    • FAQ-opens in-game FAQ, here's the link to the full version of it with more explanations.
    • Customization- lets you customize your avatar with your vanities
    • Instance Info- tells you when elite for is ready for rematch and how many times have you re-battled them,or a special dungeon during seasonal events.
    • Support request- For a small in-game inquiry and reportings, alternatively you can use this for requesting support from staff and this for reporting players.
    • Log out brings you back to character selection menu and Exit to close the client.




You'll find there are different types of chats in PokeMMO

Channel chat- used to interact with people in the same channel.

Global chat-Used to interact with people on this whole server, not limited by your channel.

Whisper- Direct message to a player

Normal-Used to interact with players on the same Map as you.

Shout-Works same as Normal chat but has a larger Range.

Team chat- Personal Chat for your team.

You can also link a Pokemon's summary (that is in your party) by dragging it from party bar to the typing area in the chat box.

You can also enables/disable the languages that you want to/don not want to see in your chat tab in Menu>Settings>Languages and Pick the languages you want to see in them.


When using chat or any other service Provided by PokeMMO , you agree to accept PokeMMO's terms of services and Code Of Conduct and Terms of Services.Violation of any rule mentioned in them can result in punishment depending upon your act.



General Mechanics


Shiny Pokemon

Shiny Pokemon exist in PokeMMO but encountering a shiny is not as easy as it was in vanilla games.In PokeMMO, the shiny Pokemon are not as common as the vanilla games, the shiny chance in PokeMMO is a 1 in 30,000 chance per encounter, that means every encounter that you have has a 1 in 30,000 chance of appearing as a shiny. Same applies to hatching eggs too.


Max Obedience and NPC Trainers
As you progress in in story, you'll find that the obedience system in PokeMMO is changed and many of the NPC move sets they are are different.
You can check the Max Obedience levels here.If you stay in the same region , you wont be able to level up unless you beat more gyms to increase your max obedience and using any Pokemon that has a level more than your max obedience will result in it knocking out itself.Some trainers might use some different Pokemon with different move sets from vanilla games.


Breeding and Daycare

The mechanics in daycare for breeding and level are different from vanilla games in PokeMMO. The lady inside gives you leveling service for $1000 per level and the old man outside provides breeding service for exchange of the parents (you'll only receive the offspring, parents are not returned). The Power braces can be used to pass down IVs but they won't help in EV training as the EV boost is disabled. Everstone can be used to pass down nature. Destiny knot is not implemented. Ability pill can be used to change the ability of any Pokemon to its second(non-hidden) ability. Ability pill and Power braces are available in daycare from a NPC.This Guide can help you understand the breeding mechanics in PokeMMO better.

For level up using the day care, the Pokemon gain exp ~60% of the exp received in the same region.


Base Stat, IVs, Evs and Natures


Base stat

Base stats are what the Pokemon would have at level 50 if it had a neutral Nature, no IVs, and no EVs... minus five in each stat (minus sixty for HP).
The Pokemon's base stats are determined by the Pokemon's species or form.


IVs, or Individual Values, are hidden stats that every Pokemon has. They range from 0 to 31 in each stat At level 100, each IV adds one point to the corresponding stat. As stats scale with level, you'll get less effect at lower levels; for instance, at level 50, it takes two IVs to make one stat point. IVs also determine the type of Hidden Power(which can also be overwritten by gems in PokeMMO). Wild Pokemon's IVs are determined randomly.


EVs or effort values are stat modifiers that are gained from battling Pokemon. Defeating a Pokemon or giving a Pokemon vitamins can increase its EVs. The maximum limit to EVs in a stat are 252 and the total limit is 510 EVs. At level 100, ignoring skewing by Nature, each set of four EVs applied to the same stat adds 1 to the stat. The maximum of 252 EVs comes to 63 stat points, and 510 EVs all around means 127 are available between all six of your stats (and two EVs are useless, which can be considered insurance from screwing up slightly). Again, lower levels scale this and nature skews it. Macho Brace helps in EV training by doubling the EV received per battle. Hordes are a nice and fast way to EV train too. They can be spawned using sweet scent in various locations in-game.

Nature Modifier
Every Pokemon has one of twenty-five Natures. Twenty of those Natures boost one stat by 10% (marked in red on the Pokemon's details page) and reduce another by 10% (marked in blue). The other five do nothing at all, and no Nature modifies HP.
So the Nmod is +10% for the boosted red stat, -10% for the reduced blue stat, and no change otherwise.


Playthrough and Events



You will find many items in Pokeballs throughout the story but they can only be obtained once through this method,also they are untradeable and cannot be used with Move tutors.There are many ways to find those items again.Pickup is one of the easy ones and has a high reward if you plan to spend good amount of time with it.There are some differences in the pickup mechanic from Vanilla games that you can check here. You can also try berry farming.These are some places where you can find loamy soil.You can also craft certain items using other items with the help of some NPCs available in Castelia/Driftveil/Unova League Pokemarts.Lastly you can try earning Battle Points to buy some Items that are only available with battle points.You can check the items that are available in Pokemarts here.



Sometimes you might feel that you're low on money.Making money isn't easy before completing majority of regions and Beating elite 4, beating them opens up a lot of methods for making money,but if you really feel low on money , you can try to rebattle trainers.They reset every 6 hours for another rematch.Alternatively if you have obtained 4 badges you can farm for breeders (Pokemon with  30/31 IVs, 25+x4 can also do).



As you progress you might get stuck and find yourself unable to grind levels.In PokeMMO you can use sweet scent to spawn hordes and and use an AOE move to Faint them to get exp faster.

Sometimes you might find yourself stuck with a NPC and unable to progress anymore.In cases like these you are advised to stay as close as you can to your level cap.All the NPC are made with Pokemon and sets with counters easily available nearby.Sometimes you might find them switching a lot to counter what pokemon you have, it's advised that you predict those turns and use them to set up with moves that increase your stats,recover your hp or some other useful status move (like bulk up,hone claws,reflect,moonlight etc).Also keep in mind that most of the Gym leaders, elite 4 members and late game NPCs have counters for Pokemon they are weak to.


Official Events and Tournaments

Many times you'll find staff members announcing soon to be starting ingame events.There are hosted by them and have great prizes in them.Tournaments are also hosted regularly and they have automated brackets and require you to sign up for them.You can find more information about them here.



Currently there are only 2 legendaries available in the wild in PokeMMO (Zekrom is capturable in unova but is only usable for 2 matches againts N and Ghestis).

They are found in their respective areas (cerulean cave and Sky Pillar). Only one player can have ownership to Mewtwo and Rayquaza.Once a player captures it, the whole region is notified and you are forced to accept battles, you cannot reject them,you cannot use any HMs or escaping items.Once you are defeated , the ownership is passed to the new owner.If the player remains idle and doesn't engages in battles the legendary will "get bored of its trainer and flee to wild"





Staff members are mostly community volunteers in game that help other players, enforce rules and host official events. You will find Community Manager [CM], Moderator [MOD], Game Masters [GM] , Senior Game Masters [SGM] , sometimes Devs and admins.You can ask them for help anytime when they are available,via Game chat, whispers or In game mail, Forum mail or Discord.You can also ask for help in Support request in menu, but it is advised to use Support Request in forums for more technical issues and Report player in forums as the support staff might not always be available in-game and can help you easily through forums.



As mentioned above that most of the mechanics in PokeMMO follow Vanilla games, so does trade evolution Pokemon.Sometimes you might find yourself in a need of a trade evolution but you don't know anyone ingame, in cases like these you can always ask a staff member for help.In case rare cases where you traded with a player and s/he tricked you, you can report that player Player Report Section or in-game support request>player report and provide any screenshots that you have.



Sometimes you'll notice players recruiting for in-game teams. Joining teams is a great way to communicate with new people and helps in In-game progression.You can find some in-game teams here or make your own team from team creation menu.

You can also find some in-game teams here or make a club for your own team.



Post Elite-4


will add something l8r

Coming back after a long time?


will add something l8r


Useful Links



That's it now that you're done with story and free in game,your main game is about to start.You can find guides that can tell you "how to do" but you won't find any guides that can tell you "what to do". From this point this is your game and you decide how you want to play it.Good Luck!

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If you feel like something is missing from it and want to add something to it, just post it down here.

Or if you want to ask anything,feel free but make sure that you check other related sub forums to find your answer first.

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the shiny chance in PokeMMO is a 1 in 30,000 chance per encounter, that means every encounter that you have has a 1 in 30,000 chance of appearing as a shiny. 

It seems that this is a lie, since I have seen players who find 2 to 3 shiny pokemon in a day, or in less than 3 days, it makes me that there must be some other factor to find pokemon shinys

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1 minute ago, AxProxex said:

it makes me that there must be some other factor to find pokemon shinys

There is. If you are Chinese your shiny rate is around 1/500, everyone else is 1/30k. 

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3 minutes ago, ImFunk said:

There is. If you are Chinese your shiny rate is around 1/500, everyone else is 1/30k. 

I guess so, that must be the facto.

I have 850 hours playing pokemmo, and I have not got any shiny pokemon, I used 1100 Leppa Berry and I cant find one shiny pokemon.

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9 minutes ago, ImFunk said:

There is. If you are Chinese your shiny rate is around 1/500, everyone else is 1/30k. 

@pachima These people still don't know what is the shiny rate.

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1 minute ago, AxProxex said:

I have 850 hours playing pokemmo, and I have not got any shiny pokemon

I have 2300 hours and not a single shiny Mudkip. :V


2 minutes ago, AxProxex said:

I used 1100 Leppa Berry and I cant find one shiny pokemon.

That really isn't a lot. You have to be patient, as the chance of finding one is extremely slim. 

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On 8/9/2018 at 1:01 PM, AxProxex said:

It seems that this is a lie, since I have seen players who find 2 to 3 shiny pokemon in a day, or in less than 3 days, it makes me that there must be some other factor to find pokemon shinys

My dude, "chance" and "rate" mean VERY different things. There's only one factor: RNG, or as you may know it: luck. 


I've done 111k encounters for ponyta, no shiny. Gastly, I found one in my first hour. Chance doesn't guarantee a shiny every 30k encounters, no more, no less. That's like saying a coin flip will exactly alternate between heads and tails. 

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