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PokeMMO Battle Association - Division Finals

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1 hour ago, DoctorPBC said:

Easy bye, thanks everyone 

he was on rn

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27 minutes ago, DaftCoolio said:


Will Coolio get a bye, will doc not be tied up all weekend with bullshit... find out next time on this tour died three weeks ago 

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57 minutes ago, OrangeManiac said:

@DaftCoolio @DoctorPBC @SweeTforU @Zhikodark


Play your matches so I don't have to throw you with wet tomatoes. I can also buy like 800 pieces of Xatu's newspaper with the prize money too if you don't want any of this.

Me and coolio have a tentative agreement to go in like 6 hours. If not coolio got two byes already so I want one 

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