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Selling Shinies/Dittos/Nice Male-only Comps

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Shinies for sale / trade:


Female brave Scrafty Lv. 39  - IV: 8,2,0,21,20,30

Male timid Durant Lv. 35        - IV: 30,11,5,23,4,10

Female careful Ferrothorn Lv. 50  - IV: 31,28,31,14,31,3 , with eggmoves spikes and leech seed.



Male-Only Comps (untrained) for sale / trade:


Jolly Rufflet - 30,31,30,x,30,31

Impish Tyrogue - 31,31,29,x,31,31     Bullet+Mach+Rapid

Careful Tyrogue - 31,28,30,x,30,26       Bullet+Mach

Impish Tyrogue - 31,30,30,x,23,30        Bullet+Mach

Adamant Tyrogue - 25,31,26,x,28,31    HJK+Rapid


Dittos for sale / trade:



Adamant Ditto - 27,31,28,28,29,x

Gentle Ditto - 30,27,31,x,30,30

Careful Ditto - 30,25,30,x,27,31 

Calm Ditto - 31,x,25,31,31,x

Modest Ditto - 26,29,25,27,29,31

Modest Ditto - 31,26,27,31,28,31

Jolly Ditto - 31,30,25,x,27,x

Jolly Ditto - 23,31,25,25,27,27

Timid Ditto - 29.31.29.x.30.31

+ Many many more, message me what you need


Interested in $$ or things that i can sell for $$.

Feel free to offer on anything in this shop ingame, via pm or here.

If you need a certain breed message me.

IGN EazyDog

Edited by EazyDog

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20 hours ago, EazyDog said:

which one? x)

3x30 + 2x31?


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54 minutes ago, Minun said:

3x30 + 2x31?


I was hoping for like 2.5 - 3m for it.

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