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Tier List Update July 2018

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This is the final month in a 3 month cycle so we will still be using the cutoff points of 4.36 to move in either direction.


Moving up from UU to OU:

  • Cloyster - 5.00% usage in OU


 Moving down from OU to UU:

  • Haxorus - 4.29% usage in OU
  • Weezing - 3.44% usage in OU


Moving up from NU to UU:

  • Magneton - 6.11% usage in UU


Moving down from UU to NU:

  • Aerodactyl - 4.16% usage in UU
  • Dusknoir - 3.95% usage in UU
  • Houndoom - 4.14% usage in UU
  • Nidoqueen - 1.84% usage in UU
  • Porygon2 - 3.22% usage in UU


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