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On my vacation time I like to write about pokemon [Results are in!]

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Summer is coming! And Summer means hot sand, cold water, mountains, free time and adventure! For this contest, we would like you to make a story about how you are spending time with your pokemon. Trainers will travel to sweet, sweet time of summer vacation when they have literally nothing that they NEED to do, but a lot things that they WANT to do. Whenever you wish to describe summer adventure, or just nice day full of rest and relaxing, you're free to go. All that limits you is your imagination.


5KrwZpS.png You are welcome to base the events in your story around whatever you wish, as long as it is based on summer vacation free time and activities shared with pokemon. For example, entry about simply battling other pokemon will not be judged unless based on something more summer-related. 

5KrwZpS.png Please adhere to our forum rules and try to keep it PG. You are welcome to message me if you wish to discuss the content of your entry. 

5KrwZpS.png How you present your creative writing is down to you it can be in story form, diary form, poetry form - it is entirely up to you. 

5KrwZpS.pngThe minimum word limit is 250 words and the maximum limit is 2500 words. Please make sure that you read all of the rules before making your entry.


Submission Dates:
Entries will be accepted from Monday 25th June 12am  until Sunday 29th July 11.59pm 


1st Place Prize - $1,250,000 or 1250 Reward Points

2nd Place Prize-  500.000 or 500 Reward Points

Third Place Prize - 250.000 or 250 Reward Points


Contest Rules:

  • Only one entry per user.
  • Entries are to be made in this event thread, please include your IGN with the entry.
  • All entries must follow the forum rules (these can be found here).
  • Minimum word limit is 250 words and maximum word limit is 2500 words.

Host: Bearminator
Refs: KaynineXL, Foersterr, Perry, Gilan, XelaKebert

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IGN: WolfgangDamien


The Storm-Bringer

1162 words


You've asked me to explain why am I afraid of thunderstorms? Why does the roar of thunder send a nauseating shiver down my spine? And why does the crackle of lightning terrify me so? For years, others have noted my peculiarity and so I have decided to relay the most horrifying experience of my life and leave it up to the individual to judge whether or not my aversion to thunderstorms is justified. It is mistakenly thought that supernatural events only happen in far-off places to singular people with no witnesses to

corroborate the tale. It happened to me one mid-summer's afternoon, on my very own front porch, with my faithful companion, Littany, at my side to bear witness to the whole thing.


In my youth, I admit I was quite fond of thunderstorms; there is something in the majesty of it all that mesmorized me without fail: the cool air after a blistering heat, the soothing pitter-patter of rain as it hits the ground, how one could be outside in the open, yet, still remain under a guise of privacy as the rest of the world shut themselves up inside their houses, and then there was the loud crack of thunder and flash of lightning that were always a thrill to witness in my blissfully ignorant youth. Now, I too shut myself up inside my house whenever a sudden thunderstorm rolls through, although, it is for very different reasons than just getting a little wet.


My name is Phillip H. Craft and I had never heard about the mythical "Storm-Bringer" until the day I saw it. It happened to me one afternoon in mid-summer when I was a young boy just at the cusp of ten years old, this I remember because I had recently acquired my very first pokemon: a Litten, whom I promptly named "Littany," one of the more clever double-entendre from my youth if I may say so, as a tribute to my favorite pastime: literature. Littany and I were relaxing on my front porch after a vigorous morning of play and training, defeating three Pikipeaks, one Caterpie, and discovering a nest of baby Alolan Rattata before we were ran off by their Raticate mother who chased us nearly all the way back home.


Littany and I were lolling around on the front porch after lunch when it happened: out of nowhere, the bright sunny skies suddenly turned a sinister grey and a strong gust of wind rolled through my small neighborhood. Instantly, the usual noise of the hustle and bustle of a normal summer's day silenced, almost as if on que with the first crackle of thunder, and all the people of the town shut themselves up inside their houses. I decided to stay on my front porch and watch the rain, enjoying the cool breeze as the soft pitter-patter of rain lulled me off to sleep with Littany, who was securely curled up in my lap, protected from stray rain drops in my arms, and purring away contently. The two of us were rocked awake suddenly from our peaceful slumber by a boom that must have shook the whole town and that's when I saw it.


I rubbed the sleep haze from my eyes and looked up into the sky and there it was: a flying monstrosity who's bright yellow color contrasted profoundly against the dark charcoal storm clouds that were rushing in behind the creature. As the thing flew overhead and the skies darkened, I saw bolts of actual lightning emit from the creature's body, utterly obliterating anything in its path. I remember that its entire body was covered in spiked feathers, jutting out like a million shining knives, and it screeched horribly when it opened its long, thin beak, yet, what terrified me the most was when I realized that the roaring thunder was not the result of far-off lightning strikes, but rather it was the sound of this tremendous monster's beating wings.


Fear froze me to the spot for what seemed like an eternity until I heard Littany growling lowly, and then I saw that he too was staring straight up into the sky, with his large, unblinking, yellow-red eyes completely fixated upon the anomalous stranger. I knew then that this was not a dream and that what we were experiencing was terrible, unfettered reality. Then, just as suddenly as it had appeared, it was gone; disappearing into thick black storm clouds as rain came pouring down in a torrential flood, obscuring our visual of anything passed my front sidewalk. Frightened beyond measure, I ran inside, screaming frantically for my parents as Littany scrambled in close behind me.


Appearing before my parents as a shamble of my usual self, trembling and babbling wildly, I relayed my experience as best I could with Littany by my side, who echoed my fright and punctuated my sentences with loud, determined mewlings as if he were trying to say, "I saw it too!" My parents stood there in disbelief as I described the monster and when I was finished they exchanged a  deeply worried look between the two of them as they both spoke simultaneously in a low whisper, "The Storm-Bringer." My interest was immediately piqued and so I begged my parents to explain further.


My father spoke up, "the legend of the Storm-Bringer has been passed down in this region for generations, going back longer than anyone knows. Some think that it's a god, some think that it's a demon, but most people nowadays would probably believe that it's a Pokemon. The Storm-Bringer is said to be an enormous bird-like monster that creates thunder with the beating of its great wings and controls lightning with its eyes. It is said that the creature doesn't like to be seen,  and if you were to look into the eyes of the Storm-Bringer, or if it sees you, it would mean certain death. However, it is simple enough to avoid the monster; it always brings the same warning with it  whenever it's nearby: a sudden thunderstorm. That's why they call it the 'Storm-Bringer.'"


Before my father could say any more, my mother suddenly interrupted. "I'm sure you were just dreaming! You've heard this all before when you were just too little to remember it. That's all. Besides, the Storm-Bringer is just an old wives' tale. It's not real." My mother told me, but I don't think that I have ever truly believed her. It would surely help my shaky nerves if I could dismiss thinking about what deadly horror looms just out of sight whenever it rains. All that I can say is that I now hate thunderstorms and I grow feint whenever I hear thunder or see lightning. And to this day I avoid being outside in a thunderstorm at all costs for this one reason above all others: Littany, now a full-grown Incineroar and my only cooperating witness, remains just as terrified of thunderstorms as I am.

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IGN: Walsje

Title: An Inspirational Summer

Word Count: 1539 Words

The blonde haired teen periodically kicked the rocks as he walked through the town, it was the first day of his summer job and he wasn’t looking forward to it, like any bratty teenager. He had reluctantly gotten the job to earn a few extra pokecoins and to get his parents off his back.


James used to love playing and caring for his family pokemon, “Gritto” a Herdier that would always manage to find a way to get dirt on his entire body, hence the nickname. But as school work piled up and the stress of getting good marks dawned on him he started playing with Gritto less and less, eventually just letting his mum and dad do all of the washing, cleaning and playing with Grito.


As he wandered down route 3, he arrived at the daycare ten minutes early (like his parents recommend him) and with a knock on the door, he waited, for a couple of seconds. The bratty teenager could hear a walking stick slowly coming towards the door as it opened,   revealing a quite small older lady, greeting him with a smile.


"Oh hello there, Mister."


The polite old lady said with a pure smile, reminding James of his own grandmother. He stumbled over his own words as he tried to explain why he was here.


"Oh, uhm... I'm here for the uh-"


"Assistant Daycare Carer position. Your mother told me you were coming last night, she cuts my hair every other Wednesday.”


“Oh- Uhhh, I didn’t know that.”


Awkwardly the young teen placed his hand on his elbow, not know what to do next. The manager smiled at him and introduced herself, offering a hand to shake his.


“I’m Maria, the manager, and owner of this daycare.”


The awkward teenager quickly shook her hand and introduced himself, his nerves slowly going away as he started his first day on the job.


“My name is James. It’s nice to meet you, ma’am.”


“Such lovely manners. It’s nice to meet you too, James. Come in, and I’ll show you the ropes.”


As the older lady beckoned her new assistant, James sheepishly walked inside as the room filled with the periodical taps of Maria’s old walking stick hitting the timber. The day was spent as Maria taught James the ins and outs of running the daycare, like washing the pokemon when they get dirty, feeding the appropriate amount of food to each pokemon, watching them and making sure they don’t get in any fights, and if they did to patch them up with a potion or two. This would go on for a few weeks before Maria gave him a complete day to do everything in the daycare from the feeding to the cleaning. Although, she hung about, just in case any emergencies happened. James would be responsible for everything else.


Despite what he originally thought of the job, he was starting to really enjoy it. The now-warmed-up teenager realized that he missed caring about pokemon and getting to know the and now due to the love little old lady that reminded James of his grandmother was getting him to be a lot like how he used to, a cheerful boy who loved playing and caring for his pokemon.


As James went through his day he didn’t have many hiccups, maybe a misplaced bowl of food for Lilipup that was meant to go to Herdier but overall he had perfect day… Until he got to sunset when the pokemon would be picked up usually. Though busier pokemon trainers had their pokemon stay overnight with another pokemon in hopes to find an egg the next morning. As James was quickly tidying up the yard while Maria was inside in hopes to impress her after a long day of solo work, he saw two pokemon that a trainer dropped off. The two were Bouffalant and Rapidash, giving no further though he continued to clean up the yard until he heard a loud BANG! Looking up quickly James saw that the two Pokemon didn’t move and an egg was between them, the two pokemon almost bowed to each other as they walked away. Looking bewildered the assistant daycare carer walked over and gently picked up the egg, wondering where it came from. As he inspected the egg Marias walking stick could be heard as she hurriedly came outside, and as she opened the door revealing the yard and James holding the egg the Bouffalant grunted loudly beside James which caused him to jump. The manager quickly called out as loud as she could.


“Drop the egg, boy. Bouffalants are very protective of their eggs”


Almost instantly James did as he was told as tried to walk away, but instead, Bouffalant charged directly towards James and hit him with the large clump of fur on is head. Pushing him back and making a large thud noise as the assistant manager impacted with the ground. As quickly as her walking stick could go, Maria came over to help calm down the Bouffalant with a raise of the hands and a slight bow. The Bouffalant showed his respect to the woman with a slight bow as well leaving the two alone.


“Are you alright James? Did he hurt you?”


“N-No… I think I’m fine, just my back kinda hurts from the ground hahaha.”


James scratched behind his ear sheepishly as Maria picked up the egg and started to explain that Bouffalants only let people touch and hold their eggs with someone they respect mutually.


“Here… I have a book about eggs inside, come in now.”

Still embarrassed that James let a situation like that happen, he followed Maria back inside as she smiled sweetly towards him.


“Just remember to be calm in situations like that, you did really well James.”


James thanked his boss and borrowed the book, taking it home and never forgetting the lesson Maria just taught him.




“Now what do you do when you find an egg from two Rhyhorns?”


“Oh uh…”


James drummed the table that he and Maria were sitting inside as if that would help him drum up the answer in his mind.


“Do you have to present the two with a rocking gift? Then you can hold onto it?”


“Correct, you really have been studying that book I gave you.”


A smile of genuine delight came from Maria and as James saw it, his smile become one of genuine happiness, much like Marias. He looked up at the clock in the foyer, it was the last day of summer… Well more accurately the last 8 hours of summer, and the last 10 minutes of his summer job. A wave of melancholy filled James face as Maria looked at him.


“Is something wrong?”


“Oh no, not at all… Well, actually. I’m really sad to be leaving. I know it’s not goodbye forever but I’m gonna miss working here and helping all of these pokemon and learning about the natures of all of them.”


As he recalled all of these memories, James began to smile again. He continued telling and opening up about himself, something he hadn’t done for a while now.


“Basically… I really want to thank you, Maria. I had no idea what I wanted to do after I left school, I thought maybe I’d try and be a trainer but now that I’ve done some work here. I think I know what I’d like to do. I want to make pokemon happy and care for each and every one of them. I want to become a daycare manager.”


As James looked up from his lap, he could see tears coming from the manager's eyes. She was so proud to have had such an impact on someone's life that tears streamed from her face. James, on the other hand, was worried that he said something wrong.


“Oh! Did I say something that upset you? Ah- Oh I didn’-”


“No no.”


Maria laughed as she wiped her tears away.


“I’m just so happy you feel the same way about this daycare as I do. Thank you, James.”


James and Maria’s conversation was cut short by the clock, it was the end of James’ shift and now he had to go home. With a melancholic smile, the assistant manager got up out of his chair and placed his hand out in front for a handshake.


“Well, it was amazing working for you, Maria.”


Maria shook her head and placed her hands out for a hug, James happily agreed and the two hugged tightly for a solid minute and a bit. As the two let go of the hug and James grabbed his stuff the manager spoke up, just remembering something.


“Oh, James. I forgot to tell you, I have a part-time position opening up. The shifts are a bit after

school so I thought you might like that.”


A knowing smile came from Maria as she looked up to James, his face glowed as he saw the almost smug smile that came from Maria. James nodded quickly and asked a quick question.


“How long have you had this position for Maria?”


The manager looked at the clock and then back to James.


“For about five minutes now.”


Best of luck to everyone! 


Edited by Lawls
Capitalising the title

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ign: pachima

Very well. Here I go:

Word count: 2479

Title: MMO´s summer time






A young trainer, following a long red-haired man, stared in amazement upon the golden pillars all around the room he had just entered moments ago.


This room is the Hall of Fame” briefed the man, as he walked forwards “It exists to commemorate the Trainers and Pokémon who have demonstrated their stellar strength and kindness of heart”


When the man finished, they both came to an halt. There, the young boy stared in eagerness upon the engine that stood before him, making thus the man, named Alder, smile as he pictured the distant memories of his past self in his mind.


Well, now, trainer. With your skill and persistence, you have earned your place in this Hall of Fame. Your name, the account of your journey, and the history of your battles will all be recorded here. I hope all of this becomes a support to you and helps you grow stronger. Now, Trainer, you and the Pokémon who fought by your side will be recorded in this machine! “


Alder´s words were yet in the air when the partners that followed the trainer for some time now appeared one after another in a screen.

Then, his sight faded out and suddenly he found himself lying on the familiar bed. There he stood up, only to smile once he realized the accomplishment in his Trainer Card. Unova Champion! Shortly after he eyed his Pokeballs and threw them all out, revealing the ever so radiant veil that enshrouded every and each Pokemon before they materialized in the room.


The trainer crouched “I have heard about this little town situated in the east. It is usually quiet, not visited by many, but at this time of the year, it is crowded. Here!” he added, pulling out a ticket once within his pocket “I was given this after defeating Elite 4. It allows me to explore a bit more the map, such as Undella Town. Wanna come?”


Several different cries instantly filled the air with joy. The answer was set!


The very next day, all seven flew to the tiny town, located in the east. Once they landed, the trainer turned around and saw the Pokemon Center. There he entered, but soon he frowned. Lights were down and the usual Pokemon Center song didn´t sound. Yes, that seemed weird indeed. Nonetheless, the boy went further in to reach the desk, which he then discovered it was empty. Nurse Joy wasn´t there.


Therefore, he turned back, noticing all his Pokemon quivering slightly in fear, which made him put them all in his Pokeballs. One refused, however. This one, who first ever shared his bond with the boy. A lively and jolly Samurott, that now didn´t resemble the tiny Pokemon it once was when they met, back at Nuvema Town.


So they left to explore the town. There, where the sunrays stroke the sand ever so brightly, the quietude ruled in a odd way, only interrupted when Samurott let out its species´ cry after sensing something and before it pointed its nose towards some houses on the horizon.


I got you” the boy replied, understanding somehow the Pokemon´s own language.


Thereupon the boy followed the Pokemon, reaching then the three houses that stood all too similar between them all. Carefully he knocked at the door, which he then realized it was unlocked. Therefore he entered, but no one was in. The same also happened in the remaining houses.


Where did everyone go?” he wondered, not yet comprehending the full magnitude of the adventure now unveiling upon them.


Later he reached the sands, where the running shoes discomforted the trainer, who consequently replaced them with a pair of sandals he had just bought the day before for the occasion. In the coast now, he stared into the rippling waves that evanesced as they neared him. But then, Samurott suddenly burst into speed through the sand and the slower trainer followed it towards the rocky field that separated Undella town from Undella Bay. There, the rippling waves sounded all too relaxing, before Samurott growled ever so loud, prompting the trainer to follow its stare, finding, despite the distance, a vicious whirlpool raging around ever so fast within the waters.


We should take a look” the boy declared, before he ordered the pokemon to Surf.


So Samurott did and soon it carried the trainer on his back as it rushed towards the phenomena, where they stopped to gaze at how terrifying it looked, now up close.


If only Johto was a thing” the boy said in dismay “I heard there is a Hm that allows the user to travel through whirlpools like this. Well” he added “I guess Dive can do”


The Pokemon nodded and then it dived. Below the surface now, the trainer widened his look as he noticed all the other trainers spread around this ruined monument, all too ancient. Out of them all, Nurse Joy first noticed the young trainer and reached him with her aquatic Pokemon no one thought she had.


Oh, you are... the Unova Champion, am I right?” said Joy.


The trainer nodded in response, without uttering a word. Instead, he listened to what Joy had to tell him.


I am sorry to be asking you this” she proceeded, her tone slightly sad “But one of the divers is missing inside the Abyssal Ruins”


She paused, realizing from the clueless expression the trainer performed, the unknown name for him and so she pointed towards the ancient ruins that stood in the bottom of the sea “The ruins over there, you see?” informed the nurse “They are not yet open to the public. Notwithstanding, the diver forced his way into them, but he never came back and it has been some hours ever since. We had tried finding him, but for some reason that place kicked us all out after a while. Would you help us?”


The trainer hesitated but when he exchanged looks with his partner, who growled in excitement, he promptly nodded before ordering Samurott to dive further in. Once there, at the bottom, the boy gazed at this dark blueish door that for some reason emanated the dazzling aura. After the long sigh, he entered in it.


Inside he found a labyrinth whose walls were filled with these random engravings of the ancient language, the Unown. Still he could read them despite the faded parts in some spots.

He then proceeded but soon felt he was lost. He met his gaze with Samurott´s but it too was clueless after all the crossroads and dead ends they had met. Nonetheless, unsure what to do, they decided to go further in as the boy read the random imprinted marks in the walls.


Suddenly, a roar echoed through the place and somehow they warped away. At the next instant, the still mildly confused boy found Joy staring him, and the ruins door behind.


I see” the nurse started “So you got kicked out as well”


Joy looked quite unhappy and concerned, so the Champion couldn´t give up just yet.


There are some inscriptions scattered around there” he informed “Pretty sure they have something to do with the warping”


With this he entered for the second time, observing the inscriptions more carefully now after he did. Eventually then the roar sounded in the distance, prompting them to stop for a while before resuming the exploration. Some time later however the roar sounded once again and the warping triggered around them once more.


And like the last time, they returned to the entrance, where the boy cogitated in his mind.


500” muttered the Champion “Can´t be a coincidence”


Nurse Joy, who noticed the odd behavior decided to near the young trainer.


Found anything?” she asked, her voice overflowing with kindness.


The trainer nodded before he challenged the ruins for the third time. But confident now, he crossed the slim corridors ever so fast until he reached a dead end. There he read the imprinted symbols and then he summoned, all too briefly, a timid Pachirisu who used Flash just before going back into the Pokeball again.


The trainer thus waited, but not for long for the wall soon crumbled apart, revealing the hidden stairs, which he did climb with care. Upstairs he found a similar room but now there was this faded sound that he distinguished between the rippling waters and the Pokemon cries. So he followed it, only to find, at the end, the missing diver now trapped beneath the collapsed ruins.


Help!” screamed the diver when he saw the trainer rounding near.


Right there” the trainer replied “Samurott, think you can do it?”


The Pokemon growled, gathering then water around him in a spiral before it condensed into a sphere that soon burst towards the ruins, shattering them all in the process, and thus freeing the diver.


Thank you very much” the diver declared, under his breath.


He didn´t proceed for he stared clueless as the trainer counted his steps as he walked in circles.


498...499... 500!”


The number was yet in the air when the roar voiced itself all too loud and the whirling waters surrounded the two trainers, that could only feel their senses in a mess before they were back to the entrance once again.


Oh thank god” the voice sounded, all too relieved, coming from one of the other divers before he hugged the trapped one “We told you not to go. If it wasn't for this kid”


He who spoke pointed towards the spot the young man once was but he had left already. In the surface now, the boy smiled towards Samurott, who returned the kind expression before rushing towards the hot sands. From there, the Champion proceeded to the town and once there, he followed to the beach.


Later, still in the beach, some people obscured the sunlight that bathed the young man. He who had a ball in his arms stepped forward and spoke first.


Hey, what you did was amazing” he started “Look, we usually make some Volleyball tournament in here. Do you wish to join us?”


The trainer took away his black glasses and gazed Samurott, which was also taking a sunbath ever so relaxed. In response, the Pokemon cried in excitement and they joined.


Few minutes later the stage was set and all four teams gathered in the sand. There they created the bracket and soon they started the first match.


Pachima vs Richard.


On the right side, Pachima with his Samurott, on the left side, Richard grinned confidently with his Dusknoir.


The Champion started with a vertical thrust on the ball, that sent it upwards, falling then down towards Samurott who stroke it with a headbutt. Upon impact, the ball fired towards the other side, where Dusknoir slapped it, albeit narrowly, for it to flow towards Richard who reached it with a jump and slammed it against the opposite field.


There, the young man caught it all too easily, sending then the projectile to Samurott, which swung his talk ever so hard and the ball went arcing through the other side once again. However, both opponents were too dislocated now mostly because of the earlier play and therefore they didn´t reach in time to the ball that then hit the sand, setting the win for Pachima.


The two trainer congratulated each other, but the two Pokemon growled in rivalry. Nonetheless, they were upon the second match.


Moriarty vs Bear


Moriarty casually entered the field, but Bear seemed a professional. His stance, his looks, and even his teddiursa that glowed in green, all overflowed with swag that earned the claps from everyone.


Bear firstly hit the ball, delivering it to Teddiursa who received it perfectly with his feet before striking it with a double-kick. Not a regular double-kick though. No, this combo sent the ball flying upwards with the first hit, right before the Pokemon jumped only so high, unleashing then the second kick against it that shot the ball now in blazes as it rocketed towards the opponent side, which had no chance of reaction. Bear won.


Pachima, for the first time, stared incredulous as he watched the play. Still, he congratulated Bear respectfully once he reached the Unova Champion with a smile.


It's us now” Bear stated, shaking hands “Good luck Pachima!”


Pachima vs Bear


The boy nodded and soon they entered the ring. The final contest was upon them and the tension was high in the air. There, in the middle they bowed at each other and the young man was the one to start. He thus hit the ball, which Samurott reached with a jump before the Pokemon slammed it towards the opponent field with his body. Bear watched as it fell and quickly he rushed with the long jump, hitting the ball to send it flying up high. Bear fell afterwards.


Teddiursa then followed, focusing then its fist as the ball was yet in the air. In a second, the sphere reversed its movement and fell down towards the Pokemon who had waited so far just to send now its fist ever so hard against the ball, which swiftly raged vertically up before looking like a singularity in the far sky. From there, it then descended and soon it burst with speed as it neared Pachima´s side.


The young man widened his eyes, hesitating all too briefly. But Samurott intervened, gathering water, which he then unleashed all at once with a Hydro Pump, that halted the ball so the trainer could tap it once before the Pokemon followed with an Aqua Tail that sent the ball crossing the field even faster. On the other side, Teddiursa briefly stared at it in surprise, but swiftly he concentrated before running towards the projectile that fell near the edge. Acrobatically then the tiny Pokemon reached it, thrusting then it upwards, where Bear suddenly appeared to tap it even higher before Teddiursa, which had just recovered from its fall, stroke the ball after a jump, with his fist that charged powerfully into a mega punch.


The now ignited sphere arced above the net and swiftly descended upon the other side, where the trainer, with his outstretched jump, barely missed the ball and fell on the ground.

Samurott then tried his chance but it was too far from the edge where the ball neared and not even a burst of its speed made it reach the ball that soon set the winning point.


Both challengers shook hands afterwards and everyone congratulated Bear as the Community Volleyball winner. Such was the name for the contest.


It was fun” the young man asserted “Samurott loved too” he added, as his partner roared in joy.


You too. Until next time” Bear finished.






Edited by pachima

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Here's my story, I hope you like it c:



Summer time! No gym leaders to be challenged, no professors to tell me I haven’t caught enough Pokémon, no trainers to stand in my way from travelling to new places and enjoying hours in the sun. Exciting adventures were ahead! Little did I know that this summer would change my life completely.


This summer was special. It was the first summer I spent without my dear Pikachu. For the past ten years he had always been by my side, joining me in everything from my first trainer battle to birthday parties and quality time with family. It was exciting, but also sad to travel without him. I could plan to go places that were difficult to reach without worrying about my Pika needing rest ever so often, but deep down I knew I would have wanted him to come with me on this adventure. I was planning to write letters describing my journey, hopefully that would make up for it!


I had decided to travel along the coastline, exploring beaches and new cities I had never been to before. I read in an article that there were a lot of forgotten history in some of the smaller cities, and that very few people visited. I thought it would be a good opportunity to learn about culture, see old architectural buildings and of course create stronger bonds with my other Pokémon. Pikachu had always been the favourite, surely because I grew up with him by my side. Now that he was too old to come with me, I was going to give all my attention to Squirtle and my newly caught Skitty. At least that was what I thought.


We were almost ready to leave the house. I packed lightly, my mom always used to say: “only pack what you need for a few days, the rest you’ll manage along the way”. On my way out through the door I remembered the treats and Pokéblocks I had prepared the night before, so I went back in to get them. I took a final gaze upon the picture on the wall of Pikachu, and I was off to a new adventure! Outside the wind was blowing softly, it was comfortably warm, and the morning sun shone strongly. Not a single cloud to see, and my two companions were ready to go. The first stop on our journey was a beach a few hours north, and from there we would follow the coastline until we came across someplace interesting. That kind of freedom without having to be anywhere, just going wherever the wind takes you, is what holiday truly is to me.


A little later that day we were arriving at a lovely little beach, the sand was hot and soft, and tickled between my toes when I took my first steps in it. The noise of the waves breaking and washing off the shore was soothingly calm and revealed tiny, cute seashells on the sea bed.  We needed a bath to cool down from all the walking, and no surprise that Squirtle was the first to get out in the waves! Kitty, my Skitty, took a quick swim just to cool down, and then proceeded to pick up a seashell she was throwing around. She wanted me to join playing, so I started chasing her around. Squirtle was playfully spitting water everywhere, and I think he was aiming for us as we were running. We ended up being so sandy that we needed to take another swim.


By the time we were ready to leave the beach it was already dusk. We decided to walk for a while longer, to see if we could find a suitable place to sleep for the night. Squirtle and Skitty were complaining a bit, but I motivated them to keep on going just a little more. I had spotted a beautiful big oak tree on the top of the next hill, and that looked like a perfect place to set up camp for the night, but over the next hilltop awaited something we could have never imagined.


Just as the last sunrays kissed the earth, and the bright orange and yellow colours of the day shifted to the calm pink and purple colours of the night, we saw a shimmer at the end of the horizon. It looked like it was getting closer and closer, brighter and brighter. I then realized what it was. It had silky smooth skin and sounded a soft cry as it flew past us, leaving a whoosh of air as its only trail. For a short moment it appeared as it was seeking eye contact too. The perfect pink skin was not to be mistaken, it was a Mew! It was my first time seeing a legendary Pokémon, I was smiling from ear to ear of happiness!


As the excitement passed, we found our spot beneath the oak tree. Squirtle crawled up in a ball in my arms, Kitty on my lap. What a wonderful way to end a day, I thought, as we all fell asleep under the starry skies. A few moonbeams made it through the leaves of the tall tree stretching for the heaven, creating a faint light that played with the shadows.


I woke up to sunlight hitting my eyes and tried to sit up without waking my Squirtle and Skitty. They were still fast asleep, so I figured I might as well write a letter to Pikachu telling him what we had been through so far. In the letter I wrote:



Dear Pikachu, I’m missing you!

Over here the skies are blue

We go around without a clue

Where this journey ends, it’s true


Exploring cities with good view

And yesterday we met a Mew!

A rare sight only meant for few

Wish you still were part of my crew


Although it’s sad, it was thought through

We only did what’s best for you

‘Bout time my sweet lil’ friend withdrew

I hope you like it in the zoo! <3


After I finished writing the letter, I had to wake up my little friends, it was time to start another day of adventure! In the far distance we could see some ruins, so naturally that was where we were headed. Walking closer and closer, step by step, we could see that the ruins were actually remains of an old building. A little while after we could see that the building had once been a castle. Could it be the haunted castle that mom told about when I was a child? I thought that was only a fairy tale. The story told that there was a castle that would only appear on a special day every few hundred years, and that the castle held treasures of unimaginable value. It was said to be guarded by legendary Pokémon as well, meaning it was quite spectacular.


This castle looked nothing like what I had pictured from the stories though, it was in fact dilapidated. Several rocks were missing from the walls that were still intact, and the entire western part of the castle was just a huge pile of rocks. There seemed to have been many towers once upon a time, but only two of them were still standing tall. They created two long shadows over the entrance to the castle, where it once was written something, but it had faded probably centuries ago. Standing outside the walls I felt so tiny. The castle was enormous, almost like a small city. I started to think about what could be within those walls.


As we entered through the dusty archway we heard a high-pitched shriek. Skitty jumped up in my arms, really terrified of whatever the noise was. A loud thump followed, it sounded like something crashed into a wall, and then we heard the wall collapse. We were all standing still for a few seconds, considering if we should hide, run or search for what was in there. Then suddenly, out from behind one of the inner walls came a poor thing flying, obviously hurt. It was bleeding heavily and flying in a zig zag pattern. At the first glance it was hard to recognize because of all the injuries, but then it became clear that this was the Mew from yesterday! What could have happened to it?


It stopped and looked at me, straight into my eyes. Something wasn’t right. I felt a chill running down my back. Then my body froze completely. I tried to move a step backwards, but I couldn’t. The Mew was holding something. It was shining bright, with a dark purple colour. The Mew’s eyes flashed, and it fell to the ground. I immediately ran over to it, sat down on my knees and tried to evaluate the situation. Was it fainted? I had no idea how I could help. I thought that maybe whatever Mew was holding could be a part of the problem. It appeared to be some type of ancient stone, it had writings on it in a language I had never seen before, and it was glowing brighter and brighter.


I leaned over to pick up the stone. I could feel a power emitting from it, a kind of strange energy pulsating from the centre of it, almost like a heartbeat. I tried to gently remove it from the torn-up hands of the Mew, with deep scratches I would have to do something about in a moment. Just as I lifted the stone off the ground, I felt an immense burning feeling in my hand, and my head started spinning around. It all happened so fast. I felt a shockwave of pain starting from my right hand that was holding the stone, starting from the very tip of my fingers and up past my elbow, continuing to my shoulder and then spreading to my neck and back. I tried to let go, but my entire right side was paralyzed. When the shockwave hit my head, all colours inverted for a brief moment, and then everything became black.


I slowly regained consciousness and was met by two pairs of concerned, big round eyes. There was no Mew anywhere to be seen. I stood up, slowly. Squirtle and Skitty were seemingly unaffected by everything that had just happened, they were happy and calm. I was sweaty, as if I had just woken up from a nightmare, and my head was still spinning around a little. I looked at my hands, there were no signs of injury, no burn marks or anything. There was no sign of any stone anywhere either. It was all so confusing, I was no longer in the ruins of an ancient castle. I looked at my watch, it was eight in the morning. I took a few steps forward and realized that I wasn’t even outside of my house. How did I even get here? I had woken up in my bedroom, sound and safe. It was all a dream! … Or was it?


Thanks for reading <3

Love, Natalie ~





IGN - NataliePlays

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Results are here! First I would like to apologize for the delay of this thread. It completely results of recent surprising, yet exciting events that came into the way and my internet provider getting base destroyed because of the storm (probably zapdos, but who knows).

Thank you all for taking a part in this contest, as we've enjoyed all entries- at the skill level you were all really close, and as always, only those little details determined if one entry was better for us than the other one.  So, lets go. Note that those little write-ups are either my feelings or points, while the overall score is a combined judgment from all staff members mentioned in the first post and might not be completely what decided. 

1st place NataliePlays

At first, I was worried that the story will go literally to a dead end, with a little-forced action, but Natalie proved me wrong. It started quickly to show a calm summer vibe, and even if I'm a more mountain oriented guy, I suddenly wanted to swim in the sea. The story is well written, it keeps the reader in suspense, while not making any part too long, thus resulting reader feeling bored. The jump between a calm feeling and a sudden legendary meeting could be seen as a mistake, but its how I imagined meeting a legendary anyway. It also fits hero of the story that she hasn't jumped into fighting mew at first. Letter to Pikachu was cute, with a surprising end. Poor pika in the zoo. When the second meeting with mew happened it felt consistent with how you'd imagine Mew to act; never staying in one place too long but also lending a hand to the trainer that it might consider its friend for the help it received, or Skitty being scared by a loud sound. Those little details, like skitty chasing seashells, is something I really enjoyed in this entry. Congratulations NataliePlays, that's well deserved!



2nd Place Walsje


There is something way too real in an entry about a summer job, something too much relatable :D. What I loved personally- and I'm not alone with this feeling is that instead of big adventure made of legendary pokemon, or an exciting battle, Walsje took something we all experienced and mixed it within the realms of pokemon world. Also, I giggled while I imagined Lilipup eating a Herdier-sized bowl of food. My Lilipup for LC is called Brutal, it fits. Bow between pokemon after making an egg, and protective nature of Bouffalant mentioned worked wonderfully in contrast with Bouffalant usual Pokedex entries, loved it.
I liked the nostalgic feel of summer ending when you need to leave work to get back to usual activities. I was helping at animal daycare for many years, so it hit close to home. That's well deserved and close to first place prize, Walsje, congratulations!


3rd Place Pachima

Where can I start here? Pachima definitely has his own style, usually its pretty much visible that entry is his work. This one started by showing trainer that just finished his job- he just became champion of Unova region. Then summer journey started, and I especially liked the part about whirlpools and Nohto. 
Then what I think the main part started- there is adventure and excitement, Pachima seemed to focus on it. Then volleyball tournament started, which was pretty well explained (and I even won!) but hell how would I wish to ruins exploring to continue. Even when it didn't, I mentioned that tournament was a surprising idea, but I loved how pokemon were described in action, usage of moves being useful outside of battle is something that caught our eyes as well. Congrats Pachi!


4th Place Wolfgang

Similar to Pachima, Wolfgang has a unique style of wording, which I am very fond of. Its like, I will start reading his entry and wait for some Lovecraft/overall literature reference. His entry brings us a terrific feeling of overwhelming presence, and fear of spotting big legendary. Wolfgang managed to capture the thunderous loud impact of legendary. I was little turned off by legend of storm-bringer, hero said he never heard of him, yet his father said that if "you were to look into the eyes of the storm-bringer, or if it sees you, it would mean certain death" well I would for sure tell this to kids much much earlier, especially in the world where kittens fight dogs with fire. (note that it's my feeling, and wasn't the reason for placement).



I was worried about the number of entries or quality, but you were all so close to winning the whole contest! I'm really glad for all great entries, thank you for a great read that it gave me. Because of delay, I decided to send something extra for Wolfgang, from the private chest, because of how much enjoyment I had in reading entries with a cup of tea, and I'm not saying it to close summary in a clever way, I really look forward to next contest. We will have a little talk if increasing words to 3000 limit are possible/enjoyable still, so maybe next time. 


I will contact winners soon as well, @pachima  @Lawls @NataliePlays

Congratulations to you all!


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Ive been getting a decent amount of feedback saying my story is a little confusing lol The kid is in the Alolan region, which Zapdos is not native to, so no, he wouldn't have heard the story before. Ash certainly had never heard of any legendaries before he started his journey, and he was a huge pokemon fan.


Ive been tweaking the story to make more sense to everyone. 

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