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Free Willy - Catching event - Prize Jack O Lanturn - Yearly Events

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Free Willy!

Catching Event!


Date and time: This Saturday June 23rd  at 12Pm EST | 4pm GMT | 5pm BST 

(1 hour to catch your entry, 15 minutes to link your entry) 

Meet at Slateport  City  Ch1 10 min before event time

location: Slateport City


Nature Bonus

 Jolly -5 Modest+5



To win this event you must catch the Higest total IV pokemon .


All Pokemon must be Wailmer's


Pokemon must be the player's OT 


Only one entry per player 


15 minutes will be given after the event for players to link their entry 


Prize: Jack O Lanturn

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Willy was Freed!


Thanks to @MathewMat for hosting and to the Lava gang that showed up on this lovely Saturday.  Fun fact, there were 7 entries with tied scores of 145!


Congratulations to @xRdZiiiN for winning the event with a score of 154.  Congratulations to @DestinyPlus who found a shiny wailmer, hail Lava! 


Group photo of the gang who participated in the after party on the 2nd floor of Slateport's PC. 



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