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[LYLE] KingCheerios Recruiting!

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Team Tournament Championships: 12

Highest Streak of TT Wins: 4


Master of 50s (OU): KingBowser
Master of Doubles (OU): KingBowser


PokeMMO Winter Showdown Champion (OU): DoubleJ

PokeMMO Summer Ball Champion (UU): DoubleJ


Countless Individual Official and Unofficial Tournament Wins


Wouldn't you like to join one of PokeMMO's greatest teams ever?

Well now's your chance!


Post the following information below:



Prior Team

Prior IGN's

Tournament Wins

Why you want to join


[LYLE] will be voting on applications in this thread and taking up to 5 new members

If you've ever wanted to join, now's your chance!

The biggest key is to be honest and show ambition.

We're a family and a tightly knit one at that.


We're looking to make a comeback this summer and get more titles under our belts. 



Noteworthy Members:





















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To exert my dominance of course.

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1 hour ago, DoubleJ said:





That's a really cool green color man

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Ohhh thee comeeebackkkk

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1 hour ago, Kanzo said:

Ohhh thee comeeebackkkk


IGN: Takens

Timezone: MDT

Prior Team: LORD

Prior IGN's: None, just some alts. (sheerforce,Bluefire,ZeroKaiser)

Tournament Wins: 2, TT and like 4 final losses

Why you want to join: Memories


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Ign: skraang

Timezone: est

Prior team: bong

Why you want to join: Trying to learn and get into the competitive scene of the game


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