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Raffles Rules Thread

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Please take a look into recent changes in raffles.  We are now enforcing guidelines that govern how lotteries takes place.


  • Players creating a raffle must first private message a Trade Corner Moderator (Bearminator) or any staff member before creating a thread.
  • Players are buying spots in the raffle, not an individual number of the ticket. A number of spots per one player can be limited by the host. After a month, host of the raffle should provide information about a number of spots bought by each player -> preferably by editing first post of the thread.
    Example of list:
    Player 1- 10 tickets
    Player 2- 10 tickets
    Player 3- 5 tickets
    The player must mail the item/Pokemon being raffled to the Staff member who will keep it safe until the raffle ends. The staff member in question will input names of participants into this sheet, and generate a winner. Player's will be given a results sheet to view. A staff member will then mail the prize to the winner. Lottery threads must not be opened until the staff member has confirmed receipt of the prize.
  • Raffles can only be cancelled if at least one week has passed since it has been opened AND 0 tickets have been sold. If 1 or more tickets have been sold, it cannot be cancelled.
  • There is a 1 month time limit on a raffle, and a limit of 200 tickets. If either of these limits are reached, the result will be drawn. Hosts can choose lower limits for each, but not higher.
  • Ticket prices can only be reduced by 50% - no more, no less, and can only be reduced once during the raffle. If ticket prices are reduced, each existing participant must receive double the number of tickets they purchased at full price. If this would put the raffle over the 200 ticket limit, prices cannot be reduced. Tickets cannot be given to players at a discount, including for free.
  • Refunding tickets will not be allowed.
  • In case of multiple prizes per one raffle, the host will inform staff member about an order, in which prizes will be raffled

Standard trade corner rules apply as well. you can find all Trade Corner rules here.


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