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PokeMMO Android Closed Beta Now Available

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Android is now available for closed beta participants at https://pokemmo.eu/downloads/android


If you:

  • Have ever donated to the game on the account you're logging into (minimum of 500 RP)


  • Have ever used a "Donator Status" ticket in-game


You can now login using the above client. Please note, this is a fairly early build, and we expect there to be a lot of problems with it. The UI especially is about halfway done, and is very rough.


To install the game client, you need to enable Unknown Sources. To do that,



Enable Unknown Sources

To install apps that are not available on the Google Play Store, Android requires you to enable the Unknown Sources setting.


To enable the Unknown Sources setting:

  • After downloading, follow the prompt to enable "Unknown Sources" in your Settings menu.


  • To access the Unknown Sources setting directly, press the menu icon or button from the Home screen and tap Settings. Select Security. You may need to scroll down to see the Unknown Sources setting.



The client will automatically update as we work issues out. If you care about your bandwidth, you should probably update over wifi.


Please note, this "Closed Beta" donator-exclusive period is temporary, and we will release the Android client to everyone later on when it's more complete.


Please report any crashes in-game, or any weird graphical glitches on your hardware to the Bug Reports section, and any mobile feature requests to the Android Suggestions Box. Thanks

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