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Love Is In the Air (Sunday, 6th May)

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Date & Time

Sunday, 6th May | 12PM UTC - 8AM EDT - 1PM BST - Time Zone Converter



Wellspring Cave, Unova - Channel 5



1 hour + 20 minutes for submitting scores



Species Bonus + Total Sum of IVs + Nature Bonus = Total Score


Pokemon accepted as valid entries:

          roggenrola.gif         +1



Nature Bonus:

Modest +7

Gentle +6

Calm +4

Lax +3


First Place Prize


Shiny GIFT Woobat

Your choice of nature, two moves, with IVs 2x31 & 4x25


1,000,000 Pokeyen OR 1000 Reward Points


Second Place Prize

600,000 Pokeyen OR 600 Reward Points


Third Place Prize

300,000 Pokeyen OR 300 Reward Points


Fourth Place Prize

100,000 Pokeyen OR 100 Reward Points



  • To win this event you need to submit an entry that scores the highest.
  • All Pokemon must have been caught within the event time. You will have one hour to catch your entry.
  • All Pokemon must have been caught in Wellspring Cave, Unova
  • Hatched Pokemon entries do not count.
  • All Pokemon must remain unchanged (untrained)
  • Pokemon must be the player's OT.
  • You can only submit one Entry.
  • You must link your entry to any participating staff member via whisper to submit your entry.
  • In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined through earliest catch time.


Hosted By: Akshit | Assisted By: TheChampionMike YIBU Edniss


cn.png Chinese 中文

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日期 & 时间

5月6日 星期日 北京时间20:00



合众地下水脉之穴 - 频道 5


1小时抓捕 + 20分钟提交成绩


种族加分 + 个体值总和 + 性格加分 = 最终成绩



石丸子 +1
滚滚蝙蝠 +5



内敛 +7
温顺 +6
温和 +4
乐天 +3



  • 要赢得名次,应提交成绩最高的一只精灵参赛
  • 所有的精灵必须是在规定时间内抓到的,你有1小时的时间抓捕精灵
  • 所有的精灵必须是在合众地下水脉之穴抓到的
  • 孵蛋出来的精灵不能参赛
  • 所有的精灵必须保持不变(不练努力值)
  • 精灵的OT必须是玩家本人
  • 只能报名一只精灵参赛
  • 必须通过把精灵私聊给参与活动的官方成员的方式提交报名
  • 平局情况下,最先抓到的胜出

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Reminder: This event starts in-game within 30 minutes. All the best to participants.

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