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Jordzi's Monthly Rumble

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On the first Friday of every month, I've decided to host a tournament. I want to do something cool for the community and it would be nice to get everyone together to play some fun matches. 


The tournament will take place in various cities throughout Kanto and Hoenn (because I'm too lazy to do Unova right now). Every month, the winner will take home a prize of 2 million pokeyen. The winner of each month's rumble will be commemorated in this thread, with a picture of them and their Pokemon. After 12 months (ambitious I know but humour me), every single winner will compete in a 'final tournament', where we will decide the best of the best - and the winner of that final tournament will take home 6 million pokeyen. The tier will generally be OU (unless Dragonite gets multiscale and turns Uber XD), but we may do some Uber and UU a few months down the line. I know some of you would probably like to play doubles but I'm hopeless at it (and understandably want to play these tournaments) so it's unlikely we'll see that in the rotation - sorry! 


So, without further ado, I present the FIRST EDITION of Jordzi's Monthly Rumble. Details are listed below: 





DATE: 04/05/2018 (Friday 4th May 2018)


Time: 10PM BST 


LOCATION: Lilycove City, Contest Hall, CH1


Tier: OU. Standard tournament rules apply, no OP items, no Ubers, nothing fancy here. Baton pass banned, etc etc. 



Team preview: Team preview will be on for this tournament. Before your match, whisper the names of the 6 pokes you are using to your opponent. Doesn't have to be in the order they are sent out in. 


Other rules: You must be at the designated tournament venue at least 15/20 minutes before the event starts, to send me the monies and get ready for your match. I'll shuffle the bracket once registration has closed and post it, so that everyone can see who they are fighting well in advance. If you haven't sent the monies by the nailed on time of the event, your opponent will get a bye. 


Prize: 2 million pokeyen for the winner! Second place gets their buy in back. Donations to the prizepool are obviously welcome. 


Buy in: 30k. Obviously, this is quite a large price to pay, but I think it's fair given there is so much $$$ on offer. If people are outraged by this then I'll consider lowering it, but it seems reasonable to me. 


Signup: Sign up will open a week before the tournament starts (via Challonge), and close the day before.


Participants: There will be a limit of 32 participants per tournament (because managing anymore than that will make my head explode). First come first serve, I will post the bracket underneath all this once it's ready. 


Let me know if you are interested, whether there's any info I've missed out or any suggestions that could be made for improvement, dates, times, potential conflicts, whether you think second place should get more etc etc. 


SIGN UP LINK HERE https://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/sGLnu7ojWk  



TLDR: OU tournament, 4th May, 10PM BST - Lilycove Contest Hall. Lots of $$$. 


Oh, and credit to the guy from DeviantArt whose banner I nicked. Looks great. 




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8 hours ago, notmudkip0 said:

PSL taught me to not trust events where the host plays.


4 hours ago, RedDragonERa said:

Are you entering Jordzi? 

Don't worry, I'll get @SteveDerBaum to help me host. Hosted like 50 tournaments in the past and played in all of them, and it was never an issue  - this one is a bit bigger but it shouldn't be that hard. 

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10 minutes ago, notmudkip0 said:

I thought the job of the host was to, well, host? It's hard to trust both players running the tour if both are participating.

The hardest part will be getting everyone ready before the actual tournament. Once it starts it's really easy, all you have to do is post the bracket and then let everyone get on with it. You played in my going away tournament a while ago and that was easy to run, so this should be the same. 


Don't worry it will be fine! If we get the full 32 then I can easily just get two extra hosts to help out if necessary. 

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