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New Player -> Lvl cap is a bunch of shit! So i quit!

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Hey there, don't know if you're all pro gamers in Pokemon or not but sorry for the harsh words this shit drives me crazy:

The Lvl cap system is for new players like me a big shitty thing of crap. Why? If someone want to play the game "Hard mode" he doesn't go leveling and do only the gyms. So why da fuck should there be a cap??? The only thing for me I could imagine is that you doesn't want new players on your server because other players doesn't have to do that crappy shit before you have implemented it. Giovanni at lvl 54 is a fucking joke! Doesn't want to level new mons just want to go trough. Sadly I have payed 5 bucks for a 25% ep+... Yeah I will get the EP when I have beaten the Top4 but I tell ya something: I doesn't get to it because your fuck decision destroyed the fun for me! I quit, just want to tell ya that this shit really screw up people... Bye!

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I had a friend who came back to the game a month ago. Lost his old account info. Made a new account. Played without my help or anyone's advice. Beat the story and then remembered his old account info and logged back into it. Then afk'd in vermil...He said it was harder and he lost a bit but he was able to get passed it using wild Pokemon he found and just playing smart.


I don't see how you can't do this..


(Don't give up! @kulturnilpferd)

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Lol Harry
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