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psl X donation thread

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i feel like collecting donations for the psl and no one else is doing it because jj doesnt count. ign fredrichnietze and i'll keep track of who donates what and hand it all over to the next psl host. you know the drill. also psl probably is not going to happen for some months, dont get too excited. just collecting now because i expect this will take a long long time to get a big enough pot.

about me

hi im fred


also please put the amount you donated in the mail so i can more easily keep track of who donated what.



"is this a scam?"


"why thou?"

cause fuck it psl aint dying

"why do you have a FAQ?"


"if i ask for my money back will you give it back?"



donator list

fredrichnietze 1mil

TJXD 1mil


grand total 2mil

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Instead of jumping directly to opening a donations thread, first select a host, and then the host should open a donations thread imo.


Also, this:

3 hours ago, jerryzoo said:

And here i thought it was going to be called PSL -X-

Woulda been so much cooler.


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I wanted to open a thread but I also wanted to take a break from interwebz and MMO. Oh well, sorry Fred, I'll use your thread.


We need to think about the future of PSL and there is a huge amount of things to discuss. First of all, who will be the new host- and this has to be someone who has the trust of the community, and not just a self-proclaimed "iron fist host" or bullshit like that. We need someone fresh.

I had an idea to make a poll, where people would nominate their candidate for host. 5 players with the biggest amount of nominations would get a place in the final strawpoll ( @fredrichnietze ) if they would voice their readiness for hosting, and from them, all of us will pick a person whom we trust. It's just an idea, don't scold me.


However I wouldn't have any objections to let Fred collect the donations for PSL X. If there is a trustworthy person on this server, it's him.


After we pick the host- and I think this would be the way to go for the future seasons as well, rather than using the "succession" method- there's a lot to discuss about rules, mainly coaching. PSL literally broke down when the proofs of host not following his own rules of his own event came to public and it doesn't matter if then it went "domino effect" or not. Something has to be done with coaching, we had some ideas earlier. Much harsher punishments, reaching out for any kind of support to limit this kind of action as much as possible- still up for discussion. Tier discussion should be left as last, maybe devs will finally look at their competitive community and implement missing items, moves, abilities and so on, allowing us to effectively play Doubles and LC without having tons of broken mons and mechanics (and maybe tiering will balance itself to a degree to have NU in our tierset).


It surely is going to take quite a while to establish everything but I'd prefer to get this going as soon as possible.

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