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PokeMMO Item Dex 2019

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1 minute ago, RakuenX said:

I'm going to remake it has a look better

Still updating the guide ^_^

Sorry I thought you were gonna perma remove it and went nuts XD thanks!!

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Found this in Kanto Safari Zone. Obviously the other methods for getting this are more favorable compared to Safari hunting due to running and lack of Frisk, but I'm posting it here for the sake of completion. img%5D

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Claydol hold Light Clay

Cofagrigus hold Spell Tag

Pelipper hold Damp Rock

Absol hold Life Orb


You should remove Persian from Amulet Coin holders too ^^


PS: This guide is great but if admins could add the held items to the pokedex, it would save a lot of time for everybody (mostly new players).


Upvote this one down here!



Edited by Bubaili

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