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PokeMMO Item Dex 2019

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Black Belt  ~ Sawk , Throh 

Deep Sea Tooth  ~ Carvanha

Dragon Fang ~ Dragonair / Druddigon

NeverMeltIce ~ Piloswine

 Quick Claw ~ Meowth

Soft Sand ~ Trapinch , Sandshrew

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 Quick Claw  ~ Sneasel

 Grip Claw  ~ Sneasel

 Tiny / Big / Balm Mushroom  ~ Paras (Foongus & their evos too iirc, not sure)

 Shiny Stone  ~ Sandile, Mincinno, Roselia

 Dusk Stone  ~ Litwick

 Berry Juice  ~ Shuckle

 Moomoo Milk  ~ Miltank

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I was told that dawn stones can be collected through pickup farming at Berry Forrest. With a 1 in every 6 hours kind of pick up rate, so hell rare, not sure if true tbh.


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Nice guide.Helpful knowing what items are available , where to get them and what they do.


mistakes ive found :


Net ball = bug and water pokemons

Dive ball = pokemon while underwater


Items location: (might be story only items that's why I added those here)


Shellbell = shoalcave hoenn , driftveil city unova

up-grade = rocket hideout island 5 kanto , route 15 unova



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Wide lens ~ Sableye , Yanma.

Thick club ~ Cubone / Marowak.

Stick ~ Farfetch'd.

Spell tag ~ Duskull / Shuppet ~ boost ghost type moves by 20%

Soft sand ~ Sandshrew , Trapinch , Diglett.

Reaper cloth ~  Duskull ~ evolution item , Dusknoir*

Smoke ball ~ Koffing / Weezing.

Quick powder ~ Ditto ~ boost speed

Quick claw ~ Meowth / Persian ~ make ur mon attack first * sometimes.

Protector ~ Rhyhorn ~ evolution item , Rhyperior*

Metronome ~ Kricktune.

Air ballon ~ Drifblim.

Amulet coin ~ Meowth.

Big root ~ Bellsprout / Weepinbell.

Cell battery ~ Minun , Plusle.

Grip claw ~ Sneasel.

King's rock ~ Slowpoke , Poliwhirl ~ evolution item, Politoed , Slowking*

Lagging tail ~ Slowpoke , Onix.


let me know if i forgot something ^^' ( the others i didn't mention, is cuz i think u already know where we can find them *o* )

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It's really a helpful guide. All i know that leftover can be found in berry forest, now i can know more about items. Tks for your great guide. <3


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Update New Items :

cacnea - poison barb , zigzagoon - super potion , zigzagoon - potion , sandshrew - grip claw , skitty - pecha berry , poochyna - pecha berry , volbeat - brightpowder , surkit - honey , mightyena - pecha berry , lunatone - stardust , solrock - stardust , swellow - charti berry , duosion - persim berry , reuniclus - persim berry , garbodor - silk scarf , pupitar - smooth rock , cottonee - absol bulb , whirlipede - pecha berry , vulpix - rawst berry , basculin red - deepseatooth , lunatone - comet shard , lunatone - moon stone , raticate - oran berry ,  pikachu - oran berry .

Still looking for more . . .

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 mt ember drops ~ i spent a few days there xD. ponyta / rapidash > shuca berry , spearow/ fearow > sharp break , magmar > magmarizer/pecha berry , machop > focus band.

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On 1/21/2019 at 6:13 AM, Deviluke said:

@RakuenX This item-dex is awesome, do you mind if I translate it into Chinese? 



Sorry didn't answer you for a long time

Lemme fix it first , then message you after it is completed ^_^

On 1/5/2019 at 3:20 AM, MightyBoxer said:

can u update the catch rate of some balls.Pokemmo catch rate with repeatball is 2.5x here.



Yeah , i will update it now . Thank you for notice me 

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On 3/4/2019 at 1:44 AM, RakuenX said:

Sorry didn't answer you for a long time

Lemme fix it first , then message you after it is completed ^_^

Sounds like a plan, good luck on it :D

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8 minutes ago, PapaGarbodor said:

What happened to the vanity section?????????

I'm going to remake it has a look better

Still updating the guide ^_^

Edited by RakuenX

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