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About the seal number, I'd like to say

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   Recently because of a Pokemon in the live anchor pocket MMO, resulting in a large number of new entrants in the MMO game, of course, is also facing a lot of problems, on line trading, a lot of new game player is not known in MMO, this behavior will lead to the title, so I suggest that GM can login interface about the title in terms of admiral the game can be displayed, and into a new scene in the game, the loading process can add what tips.Finally, I would like to ask if GM can make an accurate judgement of the condition of the title. Many people do not intend to violate this rule, but they have been awarded the new title rule. They also urge GM to re examine the sealed personnel.

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5 hours ago, xianjian said:

所以我建议gm能在游戏登录界面上将相关关于封号的条款能展示出来 [...] 加载过程中可以加上小贴士什么的

Some basic rules are listed in thebeginning of the FAQ so any (also new) players might see them first when constulting the FAQ (pressing 'H). The code of conduct itself is linkes there as well. A more prominent position to might be desirable, but I don't know if the login screen would help as the changelogs there are often overlooked as well.


5 hours ago, xianjian said:


Personally, I haven't seen anyone offering RMTs (real money trades) if that is what you are referring to, but of course it could have happend in a [language] channel that I am not aware of. I guess you could approach a staff member if you witness illegal behaviour - if it were in the chinese language channel/community you might possibly contact @YIBU - or you could also report the player/illegal behaviour using the ingame 'menu' -> 'support request' (any maybe best have video proof or a t least screenshots).

6 hours ago, xianjian said:


Unfortunately, this is where you lost me - I have no clue what seals you are referring to. 
Could you maybe rephrase the title or elaborate?


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