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A Player you will never forget.

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On 4/30/2018 at 4:03 PM, Takens said:

I'll miss the old LYLE like the one when i joined them.

Reasons & memories:

1. i would like to recall this beautiful moment

DoubleJ: Powerpuffgirl give me one reason not to kick you?

Powerpuffgirl: because i'm a powerpuffgirl and you can't kick me...

Powerpuffgirl is no longer a member of team LYLE!

(that's the way Nik lost his gf)

2. Kingbowser is just bow the guy giving me advice always and he also helped me gaining confidence on my skills.

3. Raaidn trolling Nik all the time.

4. Nik falling in love with Osuki was a classic.

5. It felt like a family at first, but then things got a little messed up with trump the wall jokes.

Haha good times indeed. Might start to play again seriously if the 2015-2016 squad comes back. 

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On 5/4/2018 at 5:48 AM, LedZeppelin said:

My brother just told me about this post and I had to log in here after so many years. 

So I played this game mostly with my IRL friend KBepo. 

I joined LYLE because I wanted to play competitively but since most tournaments were arranged to US times I couldn't participate in 90% of them. 

So then I decide only to breed crazy pokemons with perfect IVs and some off meta attacks on them.  Then I would trade them and tried to get shiny pokemons. It is funny because nobody from LYLE cared for shines except me.

I still remember that tournament and that win with almighty Dodrio - fun times. Maybe I would still play if they didn't change breeding mechanics like 20 times.


SO enough off topic, lets return to topic. Players that I will never forget:


@BrunoMarin - well he's my brother, can't forget family I guess :P 

@KBepo - I think we played together this game for more than 2k hours during few years in college. So we would spent half day at college and then we would meet online after and then stayed till late hours only to repeat same thing every day.

@DoubleJ - even if you hate LYLE for some reason, you simply can't hate this guy. For me one of the nicest and funniest people I met in game.

Rest of LYLE squad (KingBowser, JSTUD, Thebloo, Fishtickles...) - What a squad of people. Always theorycrafing and trying to improve. Hail Blissey never forget. LYLE #1


yo greet Kbepo for me -LegendaryMaster 

(I will never forget him since he's the only who pmed me and asked me to get back into the game)

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On 5/5/2018 at 12:07 AM, NikhilR said:

Haha good times indeed. Might start to play again seriously if the 2015-2016 squad comes back. 

I believe everyone would do it just cuz of the old times.

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On 5/4/2018 at 4:12 PM, epicdavenport said:

JessicaJung. Everyone knows why.


On 5/4/2018 at 4:15 PM, jerryzoo said:

Jice's bday was the 3rd of may.



On 5/4/2018 at 4:18 PM, epicdavenport said:

I haven't talked to him since I lost my phone kayaking. Tell that asian happy bday for me.

Wtf do you want

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- Kanajin, because he was the first person to tell me IVs and EVs even existed.

- Goshujin 

- Mysticwater 

- Jeredhoofd

- Zoly

- DynamicPyro

- @Rulana bc this mofo has been part of my life for like 9 years so I guess she's here to stay

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On 5/3/2018 at 12:11 PM, Zehkar said:

Nice, I finally have a reason to share my creepy notepad list of all ex-staff since I joined











@Kudasai (is he staff again? idk)





@Rulana AKA RipHenk



@xSparkie (not really ded tho)


@Sakura (SakuraHime)

Steph (best staff IMO)














@Kole AKA iKole


...Oh. I see my name, but fail to remember what I actually did.

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On 4/1/2018 at 1:20 AM, DoubleJ said:

Blatantly stole this from @Kizhaz. Thanks for the idea brudda. 


Popular people would be:

    • One of the biggest LYLE haters of all time, NICEGUY was a teammate of ThinkNice and together they made a pretty decent tandem. I fondly recall them hosting a 5v5 Unofficial Team Tournament which was regarded as probably better and more competitive than the actual TT considering it featured more players and all of the playable tiers. Their squad didn't want to invite LYLE because of the bad blood and also because we were in the middle of our infamous 4-month winning streak in the official TT. Finally they caved and the squad assembled. We ended up playing NICEGUY and Co. in the finals, smashing them with ease. This was the birth of the Spirit Bomb, where I infamously called upon my teammates to raise their hands to power up a crit. He had Steelix and I had a Pinsir (TheMountain) if I recall correctly, and the lads raised their hands \o/... some time later I finally clicked EQ and I got the crit for the GG. He was pretty salty and was also holding the 5 Lucky Egg prize, which he refused to give to LYLE. Fortunately ThinkNice was a good dude and still hooked us up. 
  • @mauru2 (Mauru)
    • When the PokeMMO Super League was first introduced back in June 2014, I was skeptical but excited. Would we get scammed by ThinkNice? Later that would come true, but I digress. Would it be a flop? Nine seasons deep now. Would there even be a prize big enough? Yen on Yen. Regardless of all that, my first manager was none other than Mauru, a relatively known shiny trader who got picked to manage for idk what reason. He ended up drafting an interesting team that featured Ploegy, Pinkwings, and myself. Mauru promised the three of us a Shiny Metapod at the end of the season for our hard work, mainly Ploegy/Pink for being girls and me for managing his team for him. In the end, Ploegy and Pink each got a Shiny Metapod while I got the shaft. I'm still salty to this day. 
  • @Archinix
    • The infamous "Blue Shiny Collector" Archinix was one of the nicest, flakiest guys you'd ever met. He would frequently be helping peeps out, but his need to prove himself quickly turned him into a bit of an asshole. His lack of self-esteem was by far his biggest flaw and he in time rubbed a lot of players the wrong way. The manager of the Delibirds, Archinix did somehow find himself as the winner of PSL1. He was also a well-liked staff member, but alas, his days were numbered. KingBowser always vowed he would get Archi banned and one day he actually did it. A member of LYLE that I shall not name stumbled on the fact that Arch had a hidden link in his sig to another Pokemon MMO. A video was made and it was reported. Finally, Bowser's dream came true, Archinix was gone forever. 
  • @Pokennon
    • One of the OG V4 members, Pokennon was a pretty decent comp player in his day. Hilariously enough, back when I was an absolute brand, spanking new noob in PokeMMO, I was training for a tournament and sending random duel requests in Viridian Ch. 1. Pokennon was there and we ended up playing 3 friendlies with one another and he smacked me in all three matches. Having little confidence after that I was pretty bummed. I still registered my name though and when the bracket was released, I saw that I had Pokennon round one. With only the one team, I was devastated knowing he'd surely beat me. Unbelievably, with both of us using the same team, I ended up coming out victorious and moved on. Now that, was a good tournament. 
  • @LightLeaks
    • The original scum player, LightLeaks was one of the biggest shit-talking jaja's of all time. I remember going undefeated in that weird Autumn NU seasonal event that featured a PSL-like format prior to the final tournament. Having a number one seed alongside Frags, we had a pretty easy road to the finals. Unfortunately, I matched with LightLeaks and his ever-too-common Kabutops in the semifinals. A timely Rock Slide flinch or three and he moved on to face Frags in the finals. With a Shiny Hitmontop as the grand prize, LightLeaks threw the match and gave Frags the win. I will never forgive him for haxing me and then pulling something like that. 


Personal People:

  • @Ductape  
    • The nicest dude you'll ever meet. @JSTUD and I got to know this guy in 2013 and he helped us out in so many ways. One day he simply vanished, but years later he re-emerged and had one hell of a life story to tell me and JSTUD all about. Hope you're still doing well my friend!
  • @Zeal (Azealia)
    • The best chicken farmer in all of Australia, Azealia was a hilarious, awesome member to have in LYLE. Whether she was breeding perfect mons or hustling the GTL, Az was a good friend and I really enjoyed her presence in LYLE during 2016. 
  • @LedZeppelin (pokeCROmaster) 
    • One of the biggest shiny hustlers in the game, pokeCRO dabbled in the competitive scene for a brief period with LYLE. During our hayday, we created a JV team called [ELYL] QueenCornflakes that we'd enter into the TT. One fateful month we got away with it because of the lack of reserves and [ELYL] matched up with one of our biggest rivals, team [IvsU] which featured a pair of the biggest LYLE haters ever, Topquake and Corroios. The match started and two minutes later pokeCRO announced he had already beaten Topquake. Flail Dodrio to the rescue and shortly after our JV team beat IvsU. It was one of the funnest moments in LYLE history. 
  • @dormycom  
    • I can't actually recall how he ended up joining LYLE, but one thing we'll never forget is him haxing @KingBowser and telling him GG afterward. Infuriating Bowser and triggering his epic ability to hold a grudge, I had to protect dormy for years so Bow wouldn't kick him. One fateful day though, Bowser had enough and gave him the boot. We haven't seen him since. 
  • @Harword  
    • One of the quietest dudes in the game, Harword was a silent warrior in LYLE's lineup. One of my fondest memories is training all night for an official tournament and preparing my teams. That morning, probably 2 hours before the tournament, I decided to drop my character off in Silph Co. Ch. 7 and log out until the tourney started. To my surprise there was Harword, just quietly sitting there. I asked him "bro what you doin?" He responded, "just waiting for the tournament". I sent him an instant invite for that dedication to the game. 


Popular Pokemon:

  • Jupiter'suguu [Marowak]
    • The biggest savage in 2013-2014, Jupiter'suguu was throwing EQ's left and right breaking any and all teams. 
  • Bagouz [Starmie]
    • The best Starmie on the server, I swear there were probably 20 different "Bagouz" at one time. 
  • Godfish [Kingdra]
    • DoctorPBC claimed he had the best Kingdra on the server, but hilariously enough I'm pretty sure it had 30 speed. 
  • Duke [Vaporeon]
    • Pinkwings infamous Vaporeon, alongside her Snorlax named Romeo, they made quite the tandem. 
  • KingVenasaur [Venusaur]
    • Bowser had a knack for misspelling his Pokemon's names, and KingVenasaur is one of my faves. That and KingOmastart for sure. 



Logged on in mad long and saw this..  Damn, time flies and lmao I do remember all those battles that we had in Viridian cuz I remember I was starting out new to the game like you too lol. I recall ya'll made LYLE around that time and the competitive scene was getting all heated after that, and remember being tight af that Bloo left V4 for LYLE. Good times lmao, hope the OG's, you, bowser and stud doing well still 

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