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A Player you will never forget.

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Someone who has left a mark or a harden scarr. Someone memorable.


This player is rip and chances are will never come to Pokemmo..


Do you have someone you can't forget?

Please share, I'd love to read.


For me its just 2 that come to mind.



Now.. now i know this guy was a troll and very.. very cringy at times. But he had a good heart. This is the player that introduced me (not teach) what tiers were and what the official rules were for battling -clauses

I honestly didn't know jice much, we didn't talk a lot, but we did share our moments. His teaches were a stepping stone for me to learn what competitive play is all about.


I have to say i've enjoyed my time playing competitively a lot, but its thanks meeting them that i was able to play at the level I can.


The 2nd player is a noteable one.

He was the leader of DD but he had skill at the time, ^Markoc^. Now i can't say we knew each other well. But this player although it was a body slam of a beating would beat me down every single time i battled him. He was by far one of the hardest players I've ever battled.(at the time)

taunt ttar ring a bell? Well that's the guy I 1st remember seeing in officials using it. It was his beatings that i took that helped teach me -Being humble and honorable in battle are essential to improve. You can't ever assume your the best,

(or if u beat someone very good that your all of a sudden better) those uguuy players never get far.


someone will come to take you down eventually. Even if you are good. Just prove that each game your a worthy adversary.


Honorable mentions-adding soon.


(Now im at work so I'll rewrite some of this later but this is something i feel like sharing with you guys.)


Note-This does not mean i don't have others in mind or that i owe everything to these guys. I simply won't forget the mark they left.


As a closing rip permanently inactive players. Thanks for playing with us.

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4 minutes ago, MaatthewMLG said:

Rigamorty ... it was a cool guy

Omg xD

Don't you dare make this into a meme thread. (Now I've done it....)



Ok I'll allow it but u gotta say why :)

Details details tsk tsk...

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@Emlee. This cute thing made my stay in pokemmo longer, when she was really friendly towards young players from our team.  Emlee showed fantastic behaviour towards us as staff member, also helped me prepare for my very first tournament as well, getting me eevee. 




Tbh. this was one of main reasons for me to join staff. 

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IcarusBurst, he was the first guy to breed a 6x0 pokemon iirc with the old breeding system, and I gave him the idea and the first breeder to do so (3x0 paras I think?), and he gave me like 600k when he sold the 6x0 for like 2 m. Fun times. I took a break from PokeMMO for a few months and when I came back he was gone, never seen him online again.


PedroBr because he was the first guy who trusted me in PokeMMO (he let me hold his shiny Staryu and Ninetales for a while back when it was valuable) (at the time scamming wasn't against the rules)


I met a lot of cool people on PokeMMO, it feels so bad to forget their names. I still keep their OTs within my box through, so I can always remember, I'll make a list later

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