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Staff and Ex-Staff Appreciation thread (Added Staff)

Favorites Staff or Ex-Staff  

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  1. 1. Who are your favorite staff or Ex-staff members

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Hey this is a thread where you can show and post, all your appreciations to the staff members, for the new, for the older, and for the Ex-Staff


@Gizmo You are the 3st profile on forums uffff you are the favorite "Dev" of a lot of players


@Desu for always think in new ways to make this game more funny every time, and for work a lot in this project that a lot of players appreciate


@Kyu For be funny and think in the players, stay with us sometimes in the events, and the work of be a developer (I think it is very hard)


@Shu For work a lot in vanities, and stay a lot of time playing pokemmo (I think you make vanities)


@Squirtle Squirtle bro hahaha, for being our GMS head and participate, in some events you make them more awesome that they are :O


@RacheLucario For chosse the Staff member that is a very hard work, you can do it very easily as I see, also for make great events.

@Noad (Ex-Staff) for always have a funny event for the community, help us and  be a very good player.


@Caracal I really don't know so much about u but I think you were very important if u were GM for helping the players, and do events


@Jindu (Ex-Staff) "The man with the ponyta hat", but you are important for the comunity and for VVVV also you look very good with your hat :3


@Bearminator for be a good bear during all this years as staff


@TheChampionMike (Ex-Staff): You made very cool events with very good prizes, also you wasted a lot of time thinking in that, that's the reason you are here


@Tyrone (Ex-Staff) You are one of the players who have a Desu labcoat (color) that really impressive in your work as staff you show that you only were not a staff you show you were also a Good player to the comunnity


@Kizhaz For helping the new players sometimes,  and for go to all the PSLs that's impressive


@XelaKebert Sneasel Your events, your prizes, your good actitude and your presence in the events is a good way to help the staff :D Your events are awesome bro


@Ronax (Ex-Staff) You helped me a lot of times when I had a question with the game, I think you did it a lot of lot of lot of times with the other players that needed help


@Bluejim (Ex-Staff) Can I forgot this man? He was a staff very prestigious he was in PSLs Team tournaments and hosted a lot of events, you are now a very nice comp player I know you can be the best


@Bilburt for being a good doge :D and make events


@Darkshade For work a lot in character customization that is very hard to do, The sprites, the items wow You are very very patient and applicated


@Gilan You really won this possition, my friend for help a lot make the guides that you wrote like "Breeding Guide" that helped me so much and helped a lot of players, you make interesting events, you really are an amazing staff.


@KaynineXL For play lol make a lot of tournaments and host a lot of events


@Kudasai  You are a very old staff, you do contest for pokemmo like video contest or things like that, you are a essential part for the staff team


@Munya Famous "community combat" That is really a funny event, all the players can participate and have chance to win (if they have 500 bp)


@Perreh Bro for managing clubs in forums, and be active in the game hahaha you are a good administrative staff and a really old MOD


@SecretDjinn For be cool and give good tips to the players when they need it.


@Yohannovich For stay all the time in 4 island and take care of the pokemon when they are in the daycare hahaha you are a good player


@xSparkie (Ex-Staff) Bro you are a very very old Ex-Staff you were an awesome MOD you made a lot of events (one of them Stell UU) and helped a lot of players (including me) 


@xSkyy (Ex-Staff) How can i forgot you hahaha You were one of my favorites CMs or MODs 


@GBush  (Ex-Staff) For making , Cool tournaments


@Eggplant (Ex-Staff) Bra you apported a lot for the community, soundtracks, guides, and some MOD's you were a very very good staff and your tournaments were OP congrats!


@CSatori  (Ex-Staff) Satori :3 a cute staff, if I good remember you were CM and made tournaments, events and supported a lot of events of other staff members :D


@Raederz (Ex-Staff) With your lotteries, events and tournaments, and help you were honorable CM


@Musica (Ex-Staff) Its obviously for making and correcting soundtracks for the game.


@Deejaye  (Ex-Staff) Man I can't remember you but I think you were a good staff member cause some players asked me for put you here.


@Strych (Ex-Staff) For create "Events suggestions and feedback" a really usefull thread on forums


@Archinix (Ex-Staff) Meh I don't know you sorry :c But you were important, for that reason you are here.


@Tranzmaster (Ex-Staff) Bro you were CM? you are a member of VVVV currently and, you were a staff member that's very hard to do :O


@Akshit @Foersterr @Edniss @YIBU @SodaNaranja Bro you are the new Generation of staff, you are doing very nice I hope you can be in the future really Good GMs Or MODs


If u Have appreciationf for the Ex-Staff or Staff tell me and I can write that here

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11 minutes ago, jerryzoo said:

What about my buddy sparkie?

Nooo Xsparkie i forgot D:

Will add the other Staff members later I'm searching for them I know a lot but I dont remember xD

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1 hour ago, TheBlueExorcist said:

(Ex-Staff) The man with the ponyta hat I don't remember your name sorry, but you are important for the comunity and for VVVV also you look very good with your hat :3

@Jindu get shrekt

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10 minutes ago, TheBlueExorcist said:

Who knows how to make a survey I want to make 1 in this topic about favorite staff member

is this survey on google forms and to see how much you hate the mayor?

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