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Mayor Appreciation Thread

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18 minutes ago, axx said:

Lets use this pointless thread for something useful.

This is now the Official Mayor of PokeMMO appreciation thread.


Congratulations on the fancy tag, @Bestfriends!


Thank you for the wonderful tag! This tag is something that I cherish very deeply. There are some things in the works right now in my Mayor's Office that would make a lot of people excited. For now, I am going to keep it a secret until they happen.

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Bestfriends you are an example, you bring out the good in people here at PokeMMO and I wouldn't have wanted any other mayor. Thank you for your time and dedication and I cannot wait to see what you will bring to PokeMMO! :)

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Man, I remember when you were just starting out... Now look how far you've come!


Congratulations on your tag!

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How can we not appreciate all effort this guy is putting into this game. You can say becomming biggest pokemmo Youtuber was "easy " because of small competition but dont be mistaken, bestfriend puts A lot of quality into his videos.

Someone can say that its for his own goals but we cant forget that his videos helps our new players as well. 


Bf work in game is incredible. He tries to help players, either by giveaways or by answering questions. Even in times of scamming, bf was safe option for playersbase always helping with smile. His cooperation with staff made game safe and enjoyable too.  


Im pretty sure that im not the only one who appreciate all his work. Both as staff member and as pokemmo player, and as friend


I salute you, Bestfriend.

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appreciate the great videos you have made.Learned a few stuff from some tutorials.

Your ABCDEF system for naming breeders helped me in keeping those breeders very organised in pc.

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Thank you very much for the kind words. I hope I can continue help out people from all walks of life on PokeMMO.


As a special Birthday present to you, I am going to make an announcement. This has been kept under the wraps, but it is time to come out and tell everyone about this account. I am currently working on a new account MayorBestfriends. This account is nonprofitable and when I complete this account, I plan on using it for contributing to new players and other future projects (or donating to events like PSL). In fact, today and yesterday, I gave $15,000 to a few individuals (I am going to keep their names anonymous) to start a guild and gave pokemon I had to help them on their journey. Here is the account's info and picture:


Name: MayorBestfriends




Account Purpose: To help players and to set aside funds specifically for contribution to the community in some way (helping newer players create guilds, giving away unwanted pokemon, . Shoutout to @DemonicDax for giving me boxes of unwanted pokemon to give to new players. Also, thank you @jerryzoo for giving me some of your unwanted pokemon as well (I gave out some of your wingulls yesterday and today).


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Posted (edited)

I knew that there was some reason as to why I was having a good day so far @Bestfriends Happy birthday my man, you truly are one of a kind!

Edited by NikhilR

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Late as always, classic me...


Anyway, congratulations @Bestfriends! You are an exemple to us all, in-game as well as in life you taught me a lot. Enjoy your tag, you deserve it ;)


Oh! And happy birthday to you as well!

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36 minutes ago, Darkshade said:

R O Y  R O G E R S   A L E R T!


It is the birthday of the man himself!

Happy Birthday @Bestfriends, I hope it's a good one.

tsk tsk tsk, sucking up to sta.... waiiiit......

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