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49 minutes ago, Mnemosyne said:

Maybe you could add some minus speed nature with 0 IV. People use this on walls like Bronzong and Ferrothorn because of stab Gyro Ball

And obv neutral speed with 31 IV and 4 speed EV

Thank for your Idea . Will add them.

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  • RakuenX changed the title to PokeMMO▾Speed Tier
  • 2 months later...

Isn't Omastar 55 and not 85 base speed ?

It's in there twice and since this little guy really matters when teambuilding NU :)

Also thanks for this very useful page !

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33 minutes ago, chuur said:

this needs an update to include untiered 

Also update the existing tiers (in particular NU) with the most recent tierlists ^^

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