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Sort items by ID



Sort items by their ID--number, instead of alphabetical.

The categories we got a few updates ago are great and made it alot simpler to keep track of your items. but i think it can still be improved. 

Especially with berries, when you arent always sure what their names is and etc.

I also think it would look alot slicker when you got the same categories of items side by side and not spread around. 


Here is a list of all the items and their number. 

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17 minutes ago, IDKPRO said:

good idea.. though u can already search the name.. 

While thats true, im not finding it that hard to find them. its just takes an extra second to locate, searching takes atleast as long. 

Also its mostly a aesthetic thing for me. Having all the shards side by side, would look so much better imo. 


16 minutes ago, Perreh said:

Some of the IDs we use for items are really in order (because of the different generation, I suppose) - iirc berries are the ones that suffer most from this. 

Not sure what you mean here. None of the items are sortet by ID, included berries. 

in the list i provided, most of the items are sorted pretty good. there are some wierd splits because of generations. But it looks like they have mostly cleaned it up from gen to gen. 

Anyway, cleaning up the list yourself shouldnt be thaaat hard I'd imagine. But I might be wrong about that. 

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