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"Bad luck"


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Hello everyone, I have been playing for 3 years, every time I have worse luck for everything, try to look for a shiny with a donor and nothing.


I want to raise a pokemon with dittos, and three times in a row, with 84% remaining in defense iv in 28 and 25 out ... Nose if they do not want me to play more or just "bad luck" ... but I'm not going to play anymore like that. they made a tournament of whoever got worse iv's won and I won ... my account is cursed and this sounds funny but it's over ...


You do not care for old users anymore, the competitive one is junk because you do not control the number of walls you can use. the game does not have the full story and to top it all make it harder to catch shiny and get money.
Only reward players who are dirty competitive and who cheat other users.
In my 3 years of play I could never catch 1 shiny, never appeared, some staff members even laugh at my complaints and tell me to buy a donation status and that does not work a week 10 hours a day and nothing without changing the region hordes of pokemons ...
Because whenever I raise a pokemon that is between 25-31, 25 always come out? it is shameful and this scam


I left the game once because always with bad luck, I returned to play for Teselia and events do not make events and are badly notified only in English, and to top I want to raise new pokemons some with ditto and always comes out all the way It's normal and I think I'm going to sell my damn account

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Your account isn't cursed, don't sell it, restricting how to play comp is bad and will never be a thing unless gimmick tournament, bad luck =/= scam.

Since the thread is clearly not going to bring forth anything good, especially given the last few comments, I'll be locking it

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