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The update changed a lot of this. Here's what Ive found

Celadon mart has Headband, Flat Cap, Bow, Cap, Stripy Cap, Reflective Goggles, Peaked Cap, and Backwards Hat.

Classic Cap, Boater, Backpack, Shoulder Bag in Viridian
Camping Hat, Nurse Hat, Boater & Sunglasses, Chunky Beret, Explorer's Hat in Pewter

Beret, Pointed Hat, Teddy Ears, Tricorne in Lavender

Gonna look in Hoenn soon

Mauville has what you listed + Beret, Pointed Hat

Oldale has what you listed

Petalburg has what you listed + Swimming Cap, Vest, Shorts, Cap& Sunglasses

Verdanturf has what you listed + Teddy Ears, Tricorne

Mossdeep has what you listed + Peaked Hat, Backwards Cap, Hood, Horns

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