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How long did it take you to get a shiny?

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In just under 700 hours in this game. 0 shiny's caught or seen. (Or missed it and killed it) 

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Got my first shiny at about 127 hours in. Only have 3 in the 5.2k hours I played though

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I think I got my first in my first 2 years of playing at around 1900 2300 hours?

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600 hours deep into the game without really searching for one, a nice cash boost for unova comps

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my first was sleeping pidgey at 1.2k hours around march 2016 i refused to throw anything but regular pokeballs at it and 3 turns later woke up and whirlwinded (didnt know high levels had it) now with 7.8k hours got my 27th found 

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